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Mike hands Nathan a $50,000 check as their pay out for settling the case for the miners. Nathan is thrilled and Mike seems surprised how cash strapped the legal aid office is. Then he asks for a few days off to catch up on personal things, but it’s really to attend his character and fitness committee for the bar hearing. 

Oliver threatens to tell Nathan about Mike’s deal to get a bar hearing, but Mike tells Nathan himself and Nathan almost fires him over it.

Anita Gibbs is the newest member of the Character and Fitness committee and she’ll never give Mike her vote. Harvey, Rachel, and Donna scramble to find out why Walter Sampson let Anita on the board but find nothing. 

Julius Rowe, MIke’s prison psychologist, is Mike’s character witness. He defends Mike while making Anita look like she’s holding a grudge. 

Anita tells Harvey she’ll give Mike her vote if Mike says under oath that Harvey knew that he was never an attorney and was a part of the fraud. If he does it, then Harvey will be disbarred. Harvey wants Mike to take the deal but he won’t. 

Jessica surprises everyone by showing up at the bar hearing. She admits that she knew Mike was a fraud. She also reminds Anita about a case in which she showed leniency. It was a medical student who stole prescription drugs and could have been charged with a felony. Anita knocked it down to a misdemeanor. The med student got help and is now a successful ER doctor. Turns out that med student was Walter Sampson’s God son. 

Louis tries to win back Tara but she says she can’t be with a man who makes her ashamed of herself and she leaves him.

Benjamin can’t get a patent for The Donna because another company already has a patent for similar technology. Donna asks Louis for his help but the other company will sue them for $90 million if they go to market with The Donna. Donna doubts Louis, even when he’s able to make a deal where The Donna doesn’t go to market, but they get a large buyout. 

Later, Donna tells Harvey that she needs more than just the money but she isn’t sure what that is. 

Mike is admitted to the New York State Bar. Everyone celebrates. Harvey offers Mike a deal to come back to the firm. He can still work with the legal aid office and he can bring over whomever he likes. Mike says he’ll take it on one condition, that Harvey needs move into Jessica’s old office and take her place because Jessica isn’t coming back. 



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Suits Season 6 Episode 16 Quotes

You shared something horrible with me, gave me no time to process it, and while I was taking it in you not only attacked my integrity, you made me feel ashamed of myself.


Mike: Can a guy just buy you flowers because he loves you?
Rachel: He can, but he didn't.