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Louis and Sheila decided to meet with a man about helping them get pregnant. 

However, Louis quickly recognized the man as the kid who bullied him back in school. After a meeting with Lipschitz, Louis realized he needed to try and make things right if he wanted Sheila to be in the best care. 

Louis bit his tongue during all of their meetings, but Lipshitz managed to get through to him when they took a trip into the lawyer's mind. 

In the end, Louis realized he needed to allow the doctor to do his job. 

Meanwhile, Gretchen sent a file for Alex about a client and wondered why the company was saying that it was not received. 

After some digging, Gretchen realized that Donna picked it up by mistake with her files. Gretchen tried to make it right by asking a receptionist to lie that she had the document. 

In the end, Alex came clean about it, and the client threatened to quit the firm. But she said if the secretary was fired, she would remain with them. 

Gretchen wondered whether to retire, but she ultimately decided against it thanks to a pep talk with Donna. 

Samantha went to war with her former boss, Eddie, but he fired right back at her because he said she was lying that she worked on a case. 

She reluctantly told Harvey that she buried evidence, and she had to give up her offer. 

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Suits Season 8 Episode 8 Quotes

Eric: Samantha Wheeler. Normally I'm happy to see a former colleague. Just, not one that walked out the door with half our business.
Samantha: Then you're really going to hate it when I attack what little business you have left.

Eric: You're suing Greyscale?
Samantha: I'm not, the federal government is.
Eric: Bullshit, you don't represent the federal government.
Samantha: According to the false claims act, if a company defrauds the United States, any attorney can sue to reclaim those damages.