Suits Season 8 Episode 8 Review: Coral Gables

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After a string of mediocre installments, Suits Season 8 Episode 8 was a return to form. 

It's difficult for a show to throw in new hurdles for the characters after eight seasons, but Louis' storyline got a much-needed jolt of life. 

If you watch Suits online, you know we've witnessed his struggles as a teenager and an adult since the show kicked off all those years ago. 

Settling An Old Score - Suits

He's always in an ambivalent state of mind, but he oozed confidence when he and Sheila showed up at the appointment.

In true Suits fashion, it was one step forward, and two back for Louis when he realized the person helping him and Sheila get pregnant was the man who made his high school years a living hell. 

The moment Chaz apologized about any bad blood, it was apparent we were going to watch Louis confront his emotions about what went down. 

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While I'm always one for giving people second chances, Chaz didn't really deserve one. Louis was at a stage in which he was terrified about of being late for school because he knew that kid would act out. 

Louis was put in an unimaginable situation because Chaz could be the one who gives the advice to bring Louis' kid into the world. 

Louis Has a Plan - Suits Season 8 Episode 8

That's big, and I'm glad Lipschitz was able to help Louis come to terms with what happened all those years ago. 

Louis is impulsive and has been known to speak his mind, so the fact that he managed to keep his cool at the close of the episode proved that he could progress. 

He and Sheila would make great parents, so my one hope is that they have a child by the end of the season. 

If there were ever a character who deserved a meaty story, it's Gretchen, and she brought her A-game during "Coral Gables."

She's always been the person who gets things done and knows how to dole out some home truths when the opportunity presents itself. 

The beginning of the search for the missing document was fascinating because I assumed Alex was being played and that the competitors had intercepted the parcel company. 

Alex Is Not Impressed - Suits Season 8 Episode 8

What was most interesting about this storyline was that Gretchen owned up to her error, yet still wanted to find a way to put it right. 

Turning to the receptionist who allegedly owed her a favor was a bold move, but there was no way it was going to be resolved as quickly as that. 

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Alex's rage was understandable. The deal was huge, and by not physically handing the file to the courier, Gretchen cost him the entire deal. 

The client also felt wronged and rightfully so. This a law firm that's supposed to cover its bases, so blaming a secretary for messing up something doesn't look good. 

Can I Be Named Partner? - Suits Season 8 Episode 5

Gretchen's decision to give up in the closing scenes was a tough one. She made a promise to herself to give up when she ran out of ways to save her skin. 

It could have been a clever plot to write out Gretchen, but I'm thankful Donna was on hand to give her the pep talk. There's nothing worse than feeling like you're terrible at your job. 

Gretchen: Are you saying you're going to give me a raise?
Donna: No. You just lost this firm a huge client.
[They laugh]

Everyone makes mistakes. It will surely be a learning experience for Gretchen to make sure that she physically hands over items to the courier in future. 

Samantha's New Agenda - Suits Season 8 Episode 8

The stakes may have been high for Louis and Gretchen, but they were even higher for Samantha. 

The moment she went after Eric, I knew it was all going to end in tears. She left his law firm with half of the clients, so pushback was always a possibility. 

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There were far too many new developments in this case throughout the hour to believe, but we got to see a new side of Samantha. 

When she learned the true extent of Betty's hatred towards her, she wanted to go all the way to Florida to sort it. 

Burying evidence is a big no-no in the world of law, and that's why Samantha should have refrained from it in the first place. 

Samantha Smiles - Suits Season 8 Episode 2

However, she had all the information she needed to make an informed decision that the person she was helping was innocent. 

The case brought her closer to Harvey, and that's a big positive. 

Eric: Samantha Wheeler. Normally I'm happy to see a former colleague. Just, not one that walked out the door with half our business.
Samantha: Then you're really going to hate it when I attack what little business you have left.

They are more alike than they will ever admit. Maybe that's why the scenes between them feel energetic and bring a lot to the table. 

This hour was not perfect by any means, but it was a marked improvement over recent episodes. 

What are your thoughts on all of the characters being pushed to the limit?

Hit the comments below. 

Suits continues Wednesdays on USA Network. 

Coral Gables Review

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Suits Season 8 Episode 8 Quotes

Eric: Samantha Wheeler. Normally I'm happy to see a former colleague. Just, not one that walked out the door with half our business.
Samantha: Then you're really going to hate it when I attack what little business you have left.

Eric: You're suing Greyscale?
Samantha: I'm not, the federal government is.
Eric: Bullshit, you don't represent the federal government.
Samantha: According to the false claims act, if a company defrauds the United States, any attorney can sue to reclaim those damages.