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Katrina was tasked with firing some of the clients as there was a lack of productivity from some, so she made an algorithm and tried to tell Louis who she was firing. 

Louis told her to get on with it, and flipped out when he learned that Brian was one of them. She was tasked with finding a way to save Brian, and she tried.

But Brian realized what was going on, and left the dinner. Donna tried to talk sense into Brian because she knew he was an asset to the team, and he helped Katrina. 

Katrina subsequently fired the right people. 

Harvey and Robert went to war when two of their clients had overlapping business interests and the duo set out to have the overlapping part disappear. 

Harvey sent Alex on his behalf, while Robert sent Samantha Wheeler. They fought it out, and they both got what they wanted, but Samantha and Alex both wanted to be named partner. 

Robert was against making Sam one, and Harvey wanted to wait a while for Alex to become one. 

Robert and Harvey made peace in the end and vowed to do what was best for the firm. 

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Suits Season 8 Episode 1 Quotes

Kiss my ass.


If you think I couldn't turn you into a puddle, you are wildly mistaken.