Suits Season 8 Episode 1 Review: Right-Hand Man

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For those who thought losing both Meghan Markle and Patrick J. Adams would be the death knell for Suits, Suits Season 8 Episode 1 successfully put those fears to bed. 

Suits has been on the air for a long time, and there's no denying that Suits Season 6 and Suits Season 7 featured some of the worst storytelling in the history of the series, so it was about time there was some change. 

My biggest surprise on "Right-Hand Man" was that my favorite character was Katrina. If you watch Suits online, you know Amanda Schull spent much of her time on the periphery. 

A New Case Begins - Suits Season 8 Episode 1

Katrina is very career-oriented, and if she associates with a firm, she wants to know they are following the correct procedures so that her name will not get dragged through the mud at some point. 

It was difficult enough for her to agree to return after being fired, and of course, the scandal that was associated with the firm as a result of Mike being outed as a fraud. Katrina doing the firing helped me see her in a whole new light. 

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It was a little too convenient that Brian was revealed as one of the contenders to get fired. The moment Katrina took on the role, it was clear that's the way the cookie was going to crumble. 

I'm not usually a fan of handy plot twists, but this one made for some drama. Katrina wanted to stick to her guns and send Brian out of the firm, and I agreed with her actions. 

I'm Back! - Suits

The way Louis acted towards her was downright disgusting, and he obviously wanted Brian to be kept around because they're bros, and that trumps all when it comes to the workplace. 

I rolled my eyes at least a dozen times when Katrina got blasted for doing her job. But her algorithm may have been flawed, so she should have sought a second opinion before making the decisions. 

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She thought she was doing her bit to keep the firm afloat, and that is commendable. 

It was only a matter of time before Donna confirmed that she knew all about Katrina's thoughts on the COO position. 

What I liked the most about it was that the two women managed to help each other despite their differences, and they concluded the hour in the best place they've ever been with each other. 

Having a Seat - Suits Season 8 Episode 1

As for Katherine Heigl's big debut, it's almost as if someone thought, "The fans want Jessica Pearson back, but Gina Torres is busy with the spinoff, so let's throw in a character who is just as ballsy."

I'm not saying I didn't like Samantha Wheeler. She was a real hoot, but she reminded me too much of Jessica, and that could become problematic. 

Samantha has a past, and I can't wait for that explored, but I'm just so tired of everyone duking it out to become named partner. When Katherine was added to the cast, it was said that Sam was either going to help the firm or sink it. 

In all honesty, it seems like she has been thrown in there to go up against Alex because they both have a common goal. That said, I figured Katherine would become the leading female cast member, but there was an even balance between all of the characters. 

Hi, I'm Samantha! - Suits Season 8 Episode 1

Given that Wendell Pierce is missing from the opening credits, and with his role in the Amazon series, Jack Ryan, it's likely that Robert Zane will only pop up here and there. 

That could mean that he ultimately decides against being named partner, thus allowing Samantha and Alex to duke it out. 

Harvey and Samantha were exceptional in every scene they shared. They had chemistry for days, and I could watch them lobbing insults at each other every hour of the day. 

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The true test will be whether the show can find a way to move on from the sparring over whose name is going on the board. There's only so many times we can watch people bicker over it before the novelty wears off. 

In fact, that novelty wore off quite a while ago. 

She Means Business - Suits Season 8 Episode 1

Alex does not trust Louis as far as he can throw him, and he has every right to feel that way. Louis has a nasty habit of switching sides whenever the opportunity presents itself. 

The writing for him of late has destroyed the character, and that's why I'm glad there are new series regulars to share the storylines in a way that doesn't feel forced. 

What are your thoughts on the premiere? Were you a fan? Did you tune in out of curiosity to see what Katherine Heigl brought to the table?

Hit the comments below. 

Suits continues Wednesdays on USA Network. 

Right-Hand Man Review

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