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Brian and Katrina worked together on another case, and they continued to grow closer to one another. 

It all came to a head in Brian's apartment when they had to work there and almost shared a kiss. 

Katrina bolted, and the next day they argued during a deposition and made it all about them. 

Katrina ultimately argued that they needed to get it together before they lost a high-profile client, but was it too late?

Katrina then told Brian he could no longer work with her. 

Elsewhere, Louis continued to try and find out more about a new client, but Harvey took over and the two wound up in a bitter battle for the client. 

Harvey won, and Louis later realized it was perfectly Harvey to do that. 

Samantha helped Alex's wife, Rosalie with a case, and it paved the way for some more disaster. 

The two lawyers started arguing over Alex's wives decision, and it caused mayhem in the court. 

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Suits Season 8 Episode 12 Quotes

Louis: Do as your told for a change and back off my client.
Harvey: Are you out of your mind?

Harvey: I'm not backing off anything.
Louis: Your services are no longer needed.