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Samantha was forced to revisit her past when Judy showed up, and told her that one of her kids was in trouble for drugs. 

Samantha learned that Judy got rid of Samantha all those years ago by choice, and Samantha weighed up her options. 

Robert later told her that she needed to fix things or she would regret it. 

Samantha used her own past criminal history as a way to get the prosecutor to allow a new deal. 

Harvey had to try and save Stu when someone in his firm wanted him to resign or he was telling all about the deal. 

Katrina realized there was something amiss with Brian and started the process of getting him removed from her association. 



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Suits Season 8 Episode 13 Quotes

We both know that 'do you want to grab a coffee?' is codename for shit's gone sideways.

Nick: Stock manipulation is a crime.
Harvey: So is blackmail.