Suits Season 4 Episode 13 Review: Fork in the Road

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Fast pace, moving pieces and a whole lot of guests.

You knew that if it was a flashback that Suits Season 4 Episode 13 was going to sprinkle in a little bit of everything we love, including Donna's insta-flashback bangs!

The Competition - Suits

I don't think there's any doubt that Louis' and Mike's beef with each other was going to have to culminate in something physical before it could even begin to be fully resolved. I really did want Harvey to pull over the car as Mike suggested earlier in the episode so they could just get it over with.

But what I found most compelling and am still trying to process in my mind is the fact that it was Harvey assigned the task of bringing about a cease-fire between the two, and the way he went about it. Even more striking is how much forethought went into making sure the cease-fire was a permanent one.

Not only did Harvey have the forethought to confine the dueling pair in a confined space until they relented and spoke to one another – not unlike a father attempting to discipline or teach his unruly children – he acted as a facilitator only. He didn't speak unless they were already speaking. It was truly about Mike and Louis working it out. When it got too heated, he tried to calm it down.

But when it came down to Mike and Harvey really duking it out to work through their "sh*t" as Harvey referred to it, Harvey bound the two together by splitting McKiernan motors between them. I think it proves to flashback Jessica that Harvey really has shifted towards keeping other people in mind. He went to great lengths to get Louis and Mike back together. I was really proud of Harvey!

Come to think of it, Harvey and Louis had it pretty rough from the beginning as well. Hardman really has pitted them against each other. Harvey and Louis were speaking the same language and really able to understand each other until Hardman's gamesmanship put a wedge between them that has persisted long after Hardman's second departure from the firm. Perhaps the most recent series of events has eliminated it for good?

Also, did anyone else find it a bit strange that Claire could have been a dead-ringer for Rachel? I have commented at the conclusion of almost every flashback episode that there is always some element that stands out as a reflection of the state of the firm in the present, and that includes personnel.

Even though not at Pearson Specter, the aspiring paralegal that Claire clearly was is very much like Rachel has always been. Mike almost lost Rachel due to similar deceit. It almost had me wondering if Mike not only had a thing for brunettes, but if he somehow subconsciously remembered Claire and that he's somehow mapped that onto Rachel.

Crazy, right? See, these flashback episodes really make you think!

But we also need a minute to talk about the fact that Grammy reappeared in this episode via flashback. I almost cried. I really do miss her so much. I have a soft-spot for grandmas who raise their grandkids. I am one of those grandkids and my Nana reminds me very much of Grammy!

As for Trevor, I could go without seeing him ever again, though it was nice to see Mike's old apartment set again. Rest in peace, favorite set, I know they've probably already torn you down again.

Hardman, as diabolically evil as he is and as much as his face gets my blood boiling, I really did appreciate seeing him again and wish very much that he could return in the present day somehow. Then again, some ghosts should go away for good, and really this man should be one of them.

I could probably keep talking about all the great aspects of this episode for hours, but I think we've covered the key points!

It looks like next week might find Donna in a bit of hot water! Don't make me bring back the #SaveDonna hashtag, Suits! If you don't remember the events of Suits Season 2 that spawned the popular hashtag, then you should immediately go watch Suits online!

Fork in the Road Review

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