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Lord has spent three months creating his own Supergirl. 

The DEO works to figure out who the imposter is. 

Kara tells James and Winn about her date with Adam.

Lord conditions his girl to think Supergirl is bad. 

Kara has to cut the date short when a tram gets stuck. Bizzaro Supergirl shows up and attacks her. 

Alex suggests they use kryptonite to stop her. 

Winn and James track seven comatose Jane Does to Lord. 

Alex confronts Lord who basically admits to creating Bizzaro from Supergirl's DNA.

Winn questions James about his feelings for Kara. 

Kara goes on another date with Adam, but Bizzaro grabs her and flies her away. 

The DEO arrives and hits Bizzaro with kryptonite, which makes her stronger instead of weaker.  

Kara realizes that Lord knows who she really is. 

Kara ends things with Adam. 

Alex arrests Lord. He threatens to tell the world Kara is Supergirl, but she takes him to the DEO.

Bizzaro kidnaps James. Kara goes to his rescue. Alex takes Bizzaro down with an anti-kryptonite they developed.

They bring her to the DEO where Kara hopes they can help her. 

Lord makes a threat against Eliza. 

Kara tries to explain to Cat why she hurt Adam, but she tells her they should keep their relationship professional. 

Kara returns home and is attacked by a parasite in her apartment. 



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Supergirl Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Alex: I sent a team to scan the area. No signs of extra-terrestrial activity so we can probably rule out an alien shape-shifter, unless there's something you're not telling us.
Hank: The skirt was surprisingly comfortable, but no.

She's as strong as me, she flies like me, she fights like me. Except for the fact that she talks like Cookie Monster, she's exactly like me.