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Kara rescues a family from a fire. 

Things are awkward between Kara and Winn, and he's avoiding her. 

James requests to go out in the field and photograph Senator Crane. 

Cat's son, Adam shows up at her office thanks to a letter Kara sent on her behalf. 

Senator Crane holds an anti-aiien rally. An alien attacks it and James calls Kara. 

Hank tells Alex and Kara that they are looking for a White Martian, a creature that slaughtered the Green Martians. He says it sensed him when he used his powers. 

Cat and Adam's dinner doesn't go well. 

James and Kara realize that the woman Kara saved is not the real senator. 

The White Martian attacks the DEO and Kara goes after it. 

Kara talks to Adam for Cat and tries to convince him to give her another chance. The second attempt goes better. 

Hank is determined to find and kill the White Martian. Alex tries to convince him to bring it in. 

Alex and her team finds the White Martian and it attacks them while Hank finds the real senator. 

Alex is taken, but refuses to tell the White Martian who the alien in the DEO is. 

Hank is ready to give his life to save Alex, but Kara wants him to fight for his life. 

Kara helps Hank fight, but he puts kryptonite handcuffs on her. She convinces him not to kill her. 

Adam asks Kara out on a date and she accepts. 

Breaking News shows another Supergirl. 






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Supergirl Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

You've had my back a million times. I've got this one. I'll bring it in.


Kara: I should have let it eat her.
Hank: It would've. Still might.