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The Toyman, Winn's father, breaks out of prison.

Alex and Kara try to convince Hank that he should use his powers more.

Cat offers Lucy a job at CatCo. 

The FBI questions Winn about his father's escape from prison. 

Hank continues to argue he is better of pretending to be human, but Alex still tries to convince him that they need the Martian Manhunter.

Lucy wants James' opinion on the job, and it is obvious he's reluctant about them working together. 

Winn goes to meet his father with the FBI, but he's not really there. A gas is released and Supergirl comes to the rescue. 

Alex meets with Lord for dinner so that Hank can transform into him and break into his lab. He finds Jane Doe and takes pictures. 

Winn tells Kara where he suspects his dad is hiding out. She goes to talk to him and he traps her in quicksand, but she escapes. 

Winn admits to Kara that he's scared of becoming his father. 

Kara comforts him, and he kisses her, but she doesn't return it.

Winn's father kidnaps him. He wants him to kill someone for him, and if he doesn't, he'll set off a bomb. 

Supergirl manages to save everyone from the blast of the bombs. 

Lucy accepts the job at CatCo. 

Winn tells Kara he's in love with her. She doesn't want things to change. 

Lord put a camera in Alex's purse and learns she and Supergirl are sisters. 






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Supergirl Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

The day my father set off a toy bomb and killed half a dozen people was the day I stopped being his son.


Lucy: She is so nice.
Kara: Nobody has ever said that before.