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Kara learns from her mom that her loss of powers should only last a couple of days, but it has already been that long for her. 

Kara catches a cold and Cat sends her home. 

An earthquake hits causing Kara to fall and break her arm. 

Alex is under lock down at the DEO with Hank and an escaped alien. 

Maxwell Lord makes a statement to the news that Supergirl is nowhere to be found. 

The alien takes out two agents. Hank arrives and says they were ambushed. 

Kara, James, and Maxwell try to assist a woman who's dad is hurt. Kara is upset that she can't help him without her powers. 

Kara puts on her uniform and tries to stop an armed thief, hoping they believe she still has her powers. She manages to talk him into lowering his weapon. 

Cat goes on air to counter Maxwell's statement and defend Supergirl. 

Alex admits to Hank that she knows about her father and restrains him. 

Winn discovers that Kara could get her powers back by Kryptonian adrenaline. 

The gas line explodes at CATCO. 

Alex goes after the alien, Jem, by herself. Hank comes to help her and kills the alien. 

James climbs the elevator shaft to save the people above them. He falls and Kara's powers return in time to save him. 

Hank reveals to Alex that he's not the real Hank Henshaw and that he's actually an alien that her father died to save. His real name is J'onn J'onzz. 

Astra returns to confront Kara. 








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Supergirl Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

James: Lost your powers? Solar flare.
Kara: I did not know we were calling it that.
James: Well he does. He likes to name them. You know heat vision, freeze breath...
Kara: He's such a nerd.

Kara: It was Winn.
Cat: Who?
Winn: Me.
Cat; Are you from the satellite company?
Kara: No, he's from the desk right across from mine...that you pass on the way to your office every day.