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Kara finds herself in hot water when a man argues with her after she saves his life. The public video her in a bad mood. 

Lucy Lane's father shows up and he has some beef with Supergirl and forces her to fight the red tornado. Initially, she takes a beating, but she gets her wits about her and wins, but the robot flies off and becomes an unpredictable mess. 

Kara must track it down, while being taunted by the General. 

In the end, Lucy quits her job with her father and stays with Jimmy. 

Alex and Kara have Winn search for their father and it turns out that Hank has doctored files about him that might just prove he was the killer.

Cat's mother shows up and she is not so different from her. Her mother is malicious and starts to cause drama with Kara, but Cat jumps to Kara's defense and her mother makes a quick getaway. 

Cat and Kara come to blows, but it leads to them drinking a wide array of cocktails and Cat telling Kara she needs to compose herself in the workplace. 

She and Kara bond a lot in these scenes and it's clear they could be friends.

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Supergirl Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

I don't say this often, but I am craving a good fight right now.


I ordered you to disengage immediately.

The General