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Kara is fighting an alien prisoner who got loose while Alex calls wondering where she is. 

Alex is freaking out about her mom, Eliza, coming for Thanksgiving. 

Kara finds out Winn has no plans for Thanksgiving and invites him over. 

Cat is upset with a DJ, Leslie, who insults Supergirl on her radio show. She transfers her to traffic coverage and Leslie tells her she'll regret it. 

James and Lucy are heading out of town for Thanksgiving. 

Kara encourages Alex to tell her mom she's a DEO agent, but Alex is hesitant. 

Leslie's helicopter is going down in the storm and Supergirl goes to her rescue. When she takes Leslie's hand, they are struck by lightening. 

Eliza doesn't like that Alex didn't stop Kara from becoming Supergirl. 

Leslie has survived and developed the ability to electrocute people from her fingers. 

Thanksgiving dinner is awkward between Eliza and Alex. 

Alex comes clean to her mother about the DEO. Eliza gets angry and Alex leaves. 

Leslie, aka Livewire, attacks Cat at the office and Supergirl comes to her rescue. 

Livewire causes blackouts throughout the city. 

Alex returns and makes up with her mother. 

Cat goes to meet Leslie and Supergirl fights her. Cat distracts her and Supergirl brings her down. 

Eliza reveals that she's known about the DEO for a long time. She tells them that Alex's dad volunteered himself to Hank to protect Kara and that he died working for him.



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Supergirl Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Chocolate pecan pie is the best dessert in the galaxy, and as someone who's been to twelve different planets, I mean that literally.


Kara; He was tough.
Hank: She.
Kara: Oh. Respect.