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Cat begins her interview with Supergirl. She asks if she has the same powers as Superman and she says she's still working on mastering them. She accidentally reveals that Superman is her cousin. 

Alex learns that James knows about her job. She can tell that Kara has a crush on him and warns her not to keep telling people who she really is. 

Cat announces she plans to write an expose on Supergirl. 

Kara goes to a pile up to help and saves a trapped woman. An enemy of Superman's named Reactron arrives and wants to hurt her to make him suffer. 

Reactron is human, and therefore outside of the DEO's jurisdiction. 

Winn shows Kara and James that he set up a new office for them with high-tech equipment. They use it to try to track Reactron. James tells Kara to consider calling her cousin for this one, but she refuses. 

Reactron breaks into Maxwell Lord's company and takes him hostage. 

Alex helps them figure out Reactron is Ben Krull who survived radiation exposure from an attack Superman stopped, but it killed Ben's wife. 

Reactron wants Maxwell to repair his suit. 

Winn finds Krull and Kara goes to talk to him in hopes that he will see reason. 

It doesn't work and he attacks her, but Superman comes to her rescue. 

Kara is upset to learn that James called him. 

Alex admits to Hank that she's helping Kara against his orders. 

Reactron crashes into Cat's party looking for Supergirl. Alex and Hank tell her to incase his core in lead and then rip it free to stop him.

James' ex-girlfriend Lucy Lane arrives to talk to him. 



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Supergirl Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

James: How's the covert alien hunting business?
Alex: Not as covert as we would prefer.

Waitress: How can you eat sticky buns every day and still stay so thin?
Kara: I'm an alien.