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Guardian saves a woman from two guys on the street. She's afraid of him despite the fact that he saved her. 

Lena tells Kara she's working with a new partner. 

James questions if he's doing any good as Guardian. People are afraid of him. 

An alien attacks the city. James and Supergirl help, but the alien disappears. The alien is  Phorian, a normally peaceful race. 

Guardian gets a lead on the Phorian and goes to her house on his own. He finds a young boy named Marcus. 

Alex talks to Marcus and tries to get him to give up his mom, but he stays silent. Alex wants James to question him. 

James takes Marcus to CatCo and bonds with him over cameras. He learns his father died too.

Lena and Rhea get their portal working. 

Marcus looks possessed and begins destroying things at CatCo with his powers. Kara holds him, the portal is turned off, and he goes back to normal. 

Kara realizes that Lena's project is connected to the attacks. She calls Lena, but Rhea answers. 

James gets through to Marcus, and he takes him and Winn to his mom. They learn there are a lot more than just the two of them. 

Rhea powers up the portal and Winn's device can't save all of the Phorians. James tries to get through to Marcus while Kara, J'onn, and Mon-El fight Rhea. 

Rhea has a device that traps J'onn in his own mind. 

James gets through to Marcus and saves the Phorians. 

Rhea claims that Mon-El's father killed himself. Mon-El can't kill her. Hundreds of Daxamite ships come through the portal. 



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Supergirl Season 2 Episode 20 Quotes

James: Guardian is not...He's not this beacon of hope that I thought he would be. I mean, basically all I'm doing is beating people up.
Winn: Whoa, dude, we are doing a lot of good here. We're making a difference.
James: I mean, Supergirl, Superman, they're making a difference. They're changing hearts and minds. They inspire people. Guardian inspires fear.

Maybe she should give him like some action figures, right? Like if someone had given me action figures when they interrogated me about my dad when I was 10, I would have sung like a canary. I'm just saying.