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An alien family is captured by Cadmus. It's the 20th since they got the registry.

Kara tells Snapper she'll get him an interview with Supergirl if he'll print an article warning the aliens about the abductions. 

Alex is worried about what will happen to Jeremiah if the DEO finds him. She's the only one left who believes in him. 

The alien bar is attacked and Lyra is taken by Cadmus. Guardian and Alex manage to capture one of Cadmus' goons. 

Alex goes to "interview" the prisoner, and she kicks the crap out of him, but he doesn't tell her where Cadmus is. J'onn pulls her off of him.

Jeremiah comes to Alex for help to stop Cadmus from killing the aliens. It wasn't really Jeremiah, it was J'onn testing her judgment. J'onn suspends her from duty. 

Kara agrees with J'onn's decision to suspend Alex, but Maggie agrees to help her. 

Snapper won't publish Kara's article without a second source. Lena offers to help.

Alex tracks down Cadmus and goes after them alone. Jeremiah saves her and tells her he's doing this to protect them. 

Kara takes Lena's advice and blogs her article online. Lena tells Supergirl she knows where the missing aliens are. 

Alex starts setting off explosives inside Cadmus and goes to stop the ship full of aliens about to be deported. 

Supergirl arrives to try to stop the ship. She uses all of her strength to land it. 

Snapper fires Kara for posting the article. 

J'onn reinstates Alex. 


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Supergirl Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes

Kara: You said a good reporter should always cultivate her source.
Snapper: Sources. Plural. I'm not going to take your word for it. Way too much fake news out there, I can't risk it.

Mon-El: Winn, you know what you need right now?
Winn: If you say "a drink" I swear, I...
Mon-El: Oh, I was going to say "deep breath" but that is a much better idea. 'Cause Zakarian Ale always takes the edge off. I'm going to go get a bottle.