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A message is delivered through televisions demanding that Mon-El be turned over or he will be taken by force. 

Lyra convinces Winn to break into a museum.

Mon-El offers to turn himself in. Kara goes with him. Mon-El introduces her to his parents, the King and Queen of Daxam. 

Maggie calls Winn into the station to question him about his break in at the museum. A painting went missing and the security footage only shows Winn, not Lyra. 

Mon-El relays the story of how he escaped Daxam. He was selfish and left others behind to save himself. 

Maggie thinks Lyra set Winn up for the stolen painting. Alex asks Maggie to let Winn go and give them time to prove his innocence. Lyra can't be seen in pictures or on camera. 

Queen Rhea wants Mon-El to come back to Daxam. She asks Kara to help get through to him. 

Alex, James, and Winn track down and capture Lyra. Lyra explains that she was trying to clear her brother's debt. If she doesn't get his captors the painting, they will kill him. 

Winn and James rescue Lyra's brother with the help of Alex and a team of agents. 

Winn tells Kara that he will forgive Lyra because she didn't lie to him to hurt him. 

Mon-El tells Kara that he loves her and he's sorry. She tells him it's over. 

Mon-El tells his parents he will not return with them to Daxam. 

The Music Meister puts Kara under his spell. 


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Supergirl Season 2 Episode 16 Quotes

Okay fine, fine. Lyra and I, we broke in after hours. It's just like, when a beautiful woman asks you to do something, you gotta do it right? You know!


Kara: What's next?
Mon-El: Oh how about one of those movies where everybody just breaks into song out of nowhere?
Kara: You mean a musical?