Supergirl Season 2 Episode 15 Review: Exodus

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Who needs Supergirl when we have Alex? 

When I called her behavior "temporary insanity," I may have misjudged how "temporary" it was. 

She completely lost her mind on Supergirl Season 2 Episode 15, but damn if it wasn't awesome. 

Supergirl Questions Lena - Supergirl Season 2 Episode 15

First of all, her impulse control went completely out the window. I watched her beat the ever loving crap out of that guy three times. Chyler Leigh must have had a blast shooting that scene. 

But then deciding to go completely rogue and walk into the lion's den solo? It could not have been more reckless, but let's be honest, it was also pretty badass. 

Maggie should have insisted on going with her. It's understandable that she wanted to show her support when J'onn and Kara were against her, but still, she needed some backup. 

Or, maybe not, since you know, she came armed with explosives.

That's not insane at all...

It's Jeremiah! - Supergirl Season 2 Episode 15

J'onn's trick was cruel. And, also, maybe unnecessary? Couldn't he just read her mind to see where her head was? Is invading her privacy worse than shapeshifting into her father as a test? 

Kara disagreed with his methods but agreed with the decision to suspend her. I was impressed with how well Kara was able to stay focused on the task at hand. Jeremiah is her father too. She appeared to be taking his betrayal surprisingly well. 

Kara: You said a good reporter should always cultivate her source.
Snapper: Sources. Plural. I'm not going to take your word for it. Way too much fake news out there, I can't risk it.

Kara spent more time trying to get her story published to warn all the aliens than she did try to save the aliens already captured. There had to be another way to get the information out there without getting herself fired. 

Isn't James running the place now? Couldn't he have held a press conference or something? Cat went on the air to warn everyone about Supergirl after she was hit with the red kryptonite. 

Speaking of James, how in the world did he get his Guardian suit on so fast at the alien bar? He's human and that is some serious armor.

Kara: But you refused to run the story, I thought what I was doing was right.
Snapper: You weren't right, you were lucky. Next time, you might not be. One wrong statistic about the stock market and suddenly we're in the Great Depression. One misattributed quote from a candidate, and you put a fascist in the White House. The rules are there for a reason. To make sure you get the story right.

Kara losing her job is an interesting twist. Will she get it back eventually, or will being Supergirl be enough?

Does the DEO pay her a salary? Because, if not, they are going to need to start if she's going to keep that apartment. 

She hasn't spent that much time at CatCo or being a reporter this season, but it will still be weird if they end up moving away from there altogether. Kara having her human life with her human job has always felt imperative. 

Besides, taking away CatCo will give James even less to do than he already has. 

If they do decide to move away from CatCo, maybe Kara could go work for Lena? 

Alex: It was all a lie. Everything you told me in the woods. You said that you were working for Cadmus for me.
Jeremiah: And I am. From the moment Cadmus took me prisoner, they told me they were going to kill you and Kara unless I did what they said. I made my choice. Protect my girls at all costs.
Alex: How could you think that we would want you to hurt others to protect us?

As expected, Jeremiah is not all bad, and he did end up helping Alex in the end. Still, his motives don't justify his actions. It's looking more and more likely that he's going to die redeeming himself by season's end. 

Alex is going to be completely heartbroken, especially if it is her reckless actions that cause Jeremiah to die saving her. 

Kara flying in to stop that ship and Alex supporting her the whole way was a sweet moment, but seriously, how did Kara not blow out her powers doing that?

That looked like the most effort we've seen her expend on a rescue, and I was half expecting her to fall out of the sky afterward. I was exhausted just watching it. 

Frustrated - Supergirl Season 2 Episode 15

Lena needs to watch her back. Mommy dearest is determined to keep her from foiling her plans. She still doesn't want her dead, though. Man those guys would have been in a lot of trouble if Kara hadn't been there. 

Okay, it's time to discuss the big reveal, which actually happened in the promo for Supergirl Season 2 Episode 16. 

Teri Hatcher and Kevin Sorbo appeared at the very end, and then the promo revealed her calling Mon-El the Prince of Daxam!  Could they be the King and Queen? 

Is it shocking? No, not at all. Most of us guessed that or at least suspected the possibility, but it's still surprising they gave that away in the promo. 

Still, it's exciting that we are finally going to get his whole story (at least, I hope that's the case). I'm looking forward to seeing the fallout when that bombshell is dropped on Kara. 

Sweet Moment - Supergirl Season 2 Episode 15

Plus, if that wasn't excitement enough, the musical crossover with The Flash will begin as well!

Sadly, it's only going to be introduced on the tail end of Supergirl again, just like the last crossover, but at least this time more characters from Supergirl will be involved. 

It better be awesome! I'm already disappointed that Chyler Leigh won't be singing. She did an amazing job on Grey's Anatomy Season 7 Episode 18

What did you guys think of "gung ho" Alex? Are you ready for Mon-El's secret to come out? Are you excited for the musical crossover? Hit the comments and let me know!

If you missed anything, or just want to watch Alex beat the snot out of that prisoner, again and again, you can always watch Supergirl online

Exodus Review

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Supergirl Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes

Kara: You said a good reporter should always cultivate her source.
Snapper: Sources. Plural. I'm not going to take your word for it. Way too much fake news out there, I can't risk it.

Mon-El: Winn, you know what you need right now?
Winn: If you say "a drink" I swear, I...
Mon-El: Oh, I was going to say "deep breath" but that is a much better idea. 'Cause Zakarian Ale always takes the edge off. I'm going to go get a bottle.