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Alex officially tells the group that she and Maggie are dating. Everybody is happy for her. 

Lillian's trial has started and Kara goes to offer support to Lena, who had to testify. Kara suggests that she go visit her mom in jail. 

Lillian tells Lena that she was the result of her father's affair with another woman. When her mother died, they adopted her. 

Metallo attacks the court room with Kryptonite in the middle of the trial and frees Lillian. Kara tries to stop them, but is forced to save innocent lives Metallo put in danger, letting them disappear. 

Maggie arrests Lena for giving the Kryponite to Metallo. Kara doesn't believe she did it. 

Kara finds out that Mon-El's date with Eve didn't go well because he talked about her the entire time. 

Guardian and Metallo fight at the jail. Metallo wins and breaks Lena out of her cell. 

Everybody believes Lena is guilty except for Kara. James reminds her that Clark and Lex used to be best friends. 

Lillian tries to talk Lena into joining Cadmus. Lena learns she's the only one who can open a vault for Lillian. She refuses, but Cyborg Superman forces her. 

Winn proves that Lena didn't steal the Kryptonite. 

Kara races off to stop a Kryptonite explosion. She's taken down by Metallo, but J'onn comes to help. Kara gets Lena out just before Metallo explodes. 

Lillian got away from the explosion. 

Kara tells Mon-El how she feels, and just as they're about to kiss, they're interrupted by someone named Mr. Mxyzptlk. 

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Supergirl Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Snapper: This time we need more than just a quote, otherwise it's just another conspiracy theory for Twitter.
Kara: Well, I'll keep digging then.
Snapper: Your gumption annoys me to no end. But keep gumptioning for tomorrow's cover.
Kara: Tomorrow? But that'll be too late. By then everyone will think she's guilty already.
Snapper: Everyone will think she's guilty today. Tomorrow's another story.
Kara: But once it's out there, it's out there. I mean, people still think Macaulay Culkin is dead.

Alex: I just wanted to let you know that Maggie and I are dating.
Mon-El: Oh, that was the thing. Okay. Is that like a problem here on Earth?
Alex: Well, on Earth, you know, not everybody supports ladies loving ladies.
Mon-El: Oh, well on Daxam it's the more the merrier.