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Mon-El makes Kara breakfast, but they are interrupted when Kara has to go fight an alien. 

Mon-El's parents are still hovering around in orbit. President Marsdin is concerned about them. 

Maggie and Alex run into Maggie's ex after a yoga class. Alex suggests they all get dinner. 

The DEO discovers that someone put a bounty on Kara. Alex and J'onn want her to hide. She agrees to lay low for one day.

Mon-El asks his parents if they put the bounty on Kara. They deny it. 

Emily doesn't show up to dinner with Alex and Maggie. 

Another bounty hunter takes control of Mon-El's body and he attacks Kara. Winn manages to stop him. He tells them a Daxamite sent him.

Alex confronts Emily who tells her that Maggie cheated on her. 

Kara wants to talk to Mon-El's mother. They meet her in the Fortress of Solitude. It doesn't go well and Rhea attacks Kara with kryptonite. Mon-El agrees to go back to Daxam if she stops hurting Kara and calls off the bounty. 

Lar Gand did not know that Rhea issued the bounty. 

Kara wants to save Mon-El, but the DEO is under orders from the president not to engage. 

Winn uses the portal from Slaver's Moon to get Kara and himself onto the Daxamite ship. 

Kara fights Rhea, but the kryptonite doesn't affect her. Turns out it's actually J'onn and Kara stayed at the DEO.  Kara goes through the portal to help. 

Lar Grand stops the fighting saying Mon-El has made his decision. Mon-El says they will never see each other again. 

President Marsdin reveals her full alien face.

Rhea kills Lar Gand. 




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Supergirl Season 2 Episode 17 Quotes

Kara: No, don't cancel your plans just to search databases. That's ridiculous.
J'onn: Uh these databases won't search themselves.
Winn: Actually they will, I just got to write a program for it. And I just signed up for more work, didn't I?

Kara: Any word from your parents?
Mon-El: No, they're just hovering around in orbit. Is that what they mean by helicopter parenting?