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Braniac-5 arrives at Kara's apartment, but he tells her she's actually in a coma. Mon-El sent him to communicate with her. 

Sam is back and playing with Ruby, but her alter-ego Reign is still terrorizing the city. She declares war against the justice system. 

Lena wants to tell Kara that she and James kissed. 

Mon-El says they can't help much because it could jeopardize the future. He can only tell them that Supergirl lives and Reign leaves eventually.

Kara struggles to wake up. Braniac-5 thinks her subconscious is preventing it due to fear.

J'onn has to pretend to be a sick Kara to cover for her with Lena. Lena tells "J'onn" that she and James kissed. 

J'onn and Alex take a team of agents to go after Reign. They use Kryptonite against her, but it doesn't work and she escapes after breaking Alex's leg. Alex wants to concentrate the Kryptonite and put it in her bloodstream, but need someone strong enough who could hit her with the syringe. 

Imra convinces Mon-El that they need to help, despite the risks to their future if they die. 

Reign visits Coville in jail. He tells her to let him serve her. 

Kara figures out she needs to embrace being Kara to wake up. She wants to help fight Reign. 

The Legion plus J'onn attacks Reign. Kara arrives to help and stabs her with the Kryptonite, but she still escapes. Reign learns there are others like her. Coville says he can help her find them. 


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Supergirl Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Kara: This is torture.
Braniac-5: Of all the 4,237,642 versions of our first meeting that I envisioned, you calling it "torture" wasn't one of them.

Braniac-5: Well the good news is, her mind is active and alert.
Alex: Oh, thank God.
Braniac-5: The bad news is, she is very angry.
Winn: Well, I'm sure she loves being trapped inside a mind prison.