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The DEO sets a trap for Malefic with J’onn disguised as Kelly. He gets away.

Kelly and James are en route to their aunt's in Calvintown. It’s very rundown and has a new prison. Kelly sees flashes of the trap for Malefic.

Nia finds out that William’s wife is not real and is going to Mexico City to meet Elena Torres, the lead accountant for Obsidian Worldwide.

Lena wants to use Malefic’s inception ability to further her project.

Kara follows William to Mexico City where she finds Elena has died in a car crash. She sees William fleeing the scene.

Kelly covers for a kid named Simon who is stealing food from a store. James and Kelly caught him and his friends crashing in their aunt’s house before.

James invites Simon to dinner. Simon tell him about his mother who was sentenced to ten years in prison for petty theft.

Kara breaks into Elena’s apartment and impersonates her when someone comes in. Thinking she’s Elena, the woman blasts her out the door. Kara comes back as Supergirl and detains her.

Malefic bypasses the Martian security protocol at the DEO and incepts Alex.

Kara brings the superpowered woman back to the DEO.

Lena tampers with the phantom zone projector.

James goes to see his old boss Nelson Stuart to tell him about the prison corruption in Calvintown. Nelson dismisses him.

Kara finds out that the body from the car wreck is not Elena’s. Someone faked her death.

Nia discovers an offshore bank account with two names on it, Elena and someone anonymous.

Alex confronts J’onn about being the one who erased Malefic from his and his father’s memories.

J’onn tells Kara the truth about his mindwipe. They figure out Alex was incepted by Malefic.

Alex is gone and so is DEO equipment.

Kelly figures out that her flashes are of Malefic’s point of view and that he has Alex. 

Malefic tells J’onn to meet him at the plantetarium alone.

There, Alex blasts him. He gets through to her but Malefic has intercepted a whole group of people in the theater. They turn their guns on J’onn, Alex, and Kara.

A bomb is strapped to Alex. Kelly and James show up. Kara gets all the guns from the incepted and J’onn phases Alex out of the bomb. Kara shields the blast with her body and cape.

J’onn traps Malefic in the phantom zone.

Brainy and Nia make up.

James decides to move back to Calvintown and buy the Calvintown Gazette.

Nia finds the address associated with Elena’s account. It’s in National City.

Kara goes there and sees a crime board with Andrea Rojas in the middle. William shows up and tells her he’s working undercover to investigate Andrea. 

James gives Simon his old camera.

Lena has Malefic imprisoned in her lab by programming the phantom zone projector to send him there.

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Supergirl Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

Simon: Thanks, chief.
James: Don't call me chief. It's Jimmy.

You guys all know that I've been doing a lot of soul searching since I left CatCo, trying to figure out what's next. I knew I wanted to give back and I wanted to help people. But, I was driving myself crazy trying to figure out where to put those efforts. And then my extremely wise sister gave me some damn good advice. She said stop trying so hard to figure things out, and just be still and listen.