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Two years ago, a man experiences complications when being tested on with Obsidian Platinum by Kelly. Margot from Leviathan does his exit interview.

In the present, Kara and Nia defeat a Dominator.

Lex plans to bring Obsidian Platinum to Quarac.

Nia's roommate, Yvette, makes her go out with her to meet her new boyfriend, Angus, that she has been dating online.

Kara and William go out on a date.

Nia sees flashes of bloody hands and Yvette being attacked.

Yvette's boyfriend texts her to meet him outside. A man approaches her and attacks her. It was "Angus," and he only pretended to like her so that she can deliver a message to Dreamer.

He says the world doesn't want a trans superhero, and he'll continue attacking trans people until she stops being Dreamer.

Yvette and Nia report the assault to the police.

Alex is having trouble with controlling the Hand of the Soldier.

Al comes to J'onn and Alex with a missing person case -- his brother, Trevor Crane, who went to a VR escape experience.

Kelly inserts Alex into virtual Las Vegas to find Trevor.

Alex finds a couple of men trapped in the Virtual Palace. She breaks them out and they tell her that Trevor and a man named Richard had moved on from that level when their fail safes stopped working.

Richard found a glitch in the system that prevents people from safely ejecting. Kelly reported that glitch months ago.

J'onn follows a psychic trail he got from Trevor's watch to a house inhabited by Richard and Jennifer Bates.

Jennifer tells him that her and Trevor were having a virtual affair.

Alex gets through to the next level in the Virtual Palace, and she loses communication with Kelly.

Brainy finds out that Nia is trying to lure out Yvette's attacker by using herself as Nate with an Upswipz profile. He tells Kara.

A man messages Nia and they plan to meet up.

Alex finds Trevor. He keeps on exploding and coming back together. 

Richard shows up and Alex shoots him, ending his simulation. J'onn finds him, and Richard is paralyzed. 

Trevor tells Alex his location and she ends her simulation.

Nia meets up with Yvette's attacker. He tries to kill her, and she attacks him.

She is just about to kill him when Kara shows up and talks her down.

Nia stops Yvette from deleting all her social media.

Brainy gives the cops the names of the trans hate group members that Yvette's attacker was a part of. 

Alex gets a call from her mother, they found her and Kara's father, Jeremiah. He's dead.

Margot takes Richard's body and moves it to a room with other floating bodies.

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Supergirl Season 5 Episode 15 Quotes

Yvette: We met on Upswipz.
Nia: Yvette, loves sunsets, yachting, and hanging out with my BFF Dreamer. How often do you hangout with your BFF Dreamer?
Yvette: She waved at me once, that counts as a hang. Besides, everyone embellishes on those things.

Alex: This thing is supposed to know what I'm thinking, but it's being very stubborn.
Kara: Well, like soldier like hand.