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Kara and J'onn train to prepare for Leviathan. J'onn collapses in pain.

The lady from Leviathan comes to Lena's apartment for the medallion. Lena protects herself. Lena tells Hope about a weapon in the Fortress of Solitude that can help their project.

J'onn says that he had a vision of Malefic. He can sense him.

Margo, the Leviathan lady, meets with a man, Rama Khan, and woman, Gamemnae, from Leviathan. They seem to be her bosses. Gamemnae wants Rama Khan to use her technology for their cause.

Rama Khan, an Earth bender, attacks a Luther Corp event. Kara saves Lena.

Brainy tells the team that Rama Khan has been around for thousand of years, causing earthquakes everywhere.

Kara and Lena go to the Fortress of Solitude to find weapons Lex used against Superman. They believe they can help them defeat Rama Khan.

J'onn connects with his father psychically. His father tells him that Malefic is not in the Phantom Zone.

Alex and Brainy get a location on Rip Roar. They go there and his body is rigged to explode, and it does.

Alez collapses. Brainy has a bad cut on his forehead.

Kara saves Lena when the Fortress tries to kill her.

J'onn's father tells him that Malefic is being held prisoner. He tells him he could either try to reach Malefic by letting him into his mind or lock him away.

Rama Khan figures out where Lena is.

Kara and Lena find out that Rama Khan is from a sister planet of Krypton that was destroyed after years of civil wars. Some of the leaders escaped, including Rama Khan.

Lena finds a sonic cannon to use against Rama Khan.

Brainy's inhibitor is effected by the explosion and enhances his brain. He figures out Leviathan's HQ is in National City.

Kelly tells Alex about how terrified she is that she's going to lose Alex. She doesn't know if she can be in a relationship with her.

Brainy and Lex go to Leviathan's HQ. Brainy uses his brain to break in. Alex calls Kara.

Leviathan disguises their HQ to look like a cave.

Rama Khan attacks Kara at the Fortress. She holds him off and he escapes.

Kara catches Lena trying to steal Myriad. Lena tells her that she has been using her and that she's known she's Supergirl since she killed Lex.

Lena reprogrammed the Fortress' defenses to imprison Kara. Lena gets away with Myriad.

J'onn finds Malefic. He begs for his forgiveness by submitting to the bond with his brother. Malefic looks into his mind and forgives him.

Alex and Kelly make up.

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Welcome to Krypton old man.