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Lois makes banana muffins, but they're for Nat.

The family speaks about John's condition and realizes it is pretty severe.

Lois tries to get closer to Chrissy again but her BFF is in too deep with Ally.

Bizarro kills Faulkner and spares Lois, leaving her and Clark to question his motives.

They realize he's trying to kill Ally and her associates and show up at the hotel to find Ally and Chrissy.

Chrissy had the pendant used on her to tell her more about the world and she knows about the bizarro iterations.

Bizarro shows up and Clark fights him off. He then realizes he is his opposite and takes him to his mother.

Bizarro is not a villain. Ally is the leader of his world and she's been turning everyone against each other to take control.

At the party for Sarah, Kyle's mistress shows up and says her friend sold a story about him and the mayor will be finding out about it soon enough.

Kyle tries to diffuse the situation, but Sarah overheard everything and tells her mother.

Lana says they will deal with it, but not at the moment. The day was about Sarah's life and turning 15.


Superman & Lois
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Superman & Lois Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

You're my opposite.


Ally Allston will destroy everything. Your friends, your family, you’ll lose it all… unless you kill her first.