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On this episode of Supernatural…

Cyrus Styne wants to get away from his family, but they keep trying to make him like them.

Dean and Sam burn Charlie’s body.

Sam plans on shutting down trying to use the Book of the Damned, but he gets an email from Charlie that cracks the code.

Sam plans to kill Crowley, and he sends Castiel after Dean, who has gone after the Stynes.

Crowley manages to escape Sam’s attempts, and he sends Sam back to Rowena to tell her she’s done.

Dean slaughters many of the Stynes.

Some of the Stynes break into the bunker. They plan to take stuff and burn it.

Dean returns and kills the Styne who killed Charlie. He then kills Cyrus.

Castiel tries to stop Dean, telling him he wants to help him and cure him of the Mark.

Dean nearly kills Castiel. He leaves telling Castiel to stay away from him.

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