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On this episode of Supernatural…

A member of the Styne family is harvesting eyes.

Sam recruits Charlie and Castiel to help him and Rowena to break the code to read the Book of the Damned.

Sam and Dean capture the Styne family member hunting for the Book and he reveals he is a part of the Frankenstein family. He also tells Dean that the Book of the Damned can’t be destroyed.

While Castiel relocates Rowena, Charlie runs away to get some quiet in order to do her work.

Eldon Frankenstein escapes Sam and Dean and heads off to find Charlie.

Dean discovers Sam has been lying and is angry and worried that Charlie is involved and in danger.

The brothers rush to get to Charlie.

Charlie uploads her notes and sends out a message before destroying her tablet.

Sam and Dean arrive too late to find Charlie dead.

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