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On this episode of Supernatural…

Sam and Dean discuss Castiel’s super charge from Lucifer’s baby. They question if he is in control.

The brothers get Mary’s phone and receive a call from Max and Alicia.

The four team up to find out what happened to Max and Alicia’s mom.

Unfortunately, Tasha was killed, and a witch has created twig creatures using their hearts to protect her.

She tries to convince Max to take her powers, which were made with a demon deal, but Dean kills her.

Alicia is stabbed and killed during the fight.

Sam and Dean leave Max, but Max chooses to use the power to bring his sister back as the twig creature.

Mary discovers Mick’s body and the British Men of Letters’ plan to eliminate the American hunters.

Toni returns as they torture Mary.

Sam and Dean get a call from Mary that something is wrong and the two head off to find her.

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