Supernatural Season 12 Episode 20 Review: Twigs & Twine & Tasha Banes

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Max and Alicia returned!

These two hunters brought a fresh vibe when they were introduced on Supernatural Season 12 Episode 6, and I was hoping we would see them again at some point.

So it was exciting when the two called for some assistance on Supernatural Season 12 Episode 20 and Sam and Dean decided to go on a case with them.

Sam, Dean and Alicia are in shock - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 20

And how awesome of a throwback was that line about their mom being on a hunting trip and not being back for a week? Such a reminder of Dean’s comments to Sam on Supernatural Season 1 Episode 1 about their father being missing.

It was no surprise that Sam calling back to that line would be that push to get Dean involved. How could it not?

Their mom is on a hunting trip, and she hasn’t been home in a week.


You’d think that after 12 seasons the case of the week episodes would feel like total throwaways, but this one did not.

Plus, with that dramatic shift of Castiel running off with Lucifer’s baby, I’m much more intrigued with what that particular story arc is headed.

And it was good that Sam and Dean addressed the whole situation at the beginning. It would have been ridiculous if they didn’t.

Sam keeps looking at the ground - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 20

But my thoughts aligned with Dean’s about Castiel going “Super Mario” and how it was probably the baby putting some sort of control over him.

Yet, hearing him call that out, seeing Sam try and understand it like his brother made me think that perhaps Castiel really did see something that gave him some purpose, some faith.

Maybe he really has found a path that he believes in.

It would be interesting if Lucifer’s baby was a good guy. That would be a pretty wild twist.

Excuse me? - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 20

Still, I completely understand Dean’s concerns for his friend, and having him and his brother address the situation was the right way to go before transitioning to the case of the week.

Because the witch case had a lot to live up to following such a major story arc, but it totally delivered.

There were some fantastic twists and reveals throughout that didn’t feel telegraphed.

I expected Max and Alicia’s mom to be a shifter. After all, that’s what Mary and Mr. Ketch were dealing with.

It was a nice surprise to see the case was part of a deeper magic. And how creepy was it that they were essentially the same, just with twig bodies?

Though, that cracking after each hit in the fight was unsettling. It was that audio reminder that they aren’t themselves anymore.

Max grabs his mother - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 20

I can’t help but think of Mary being back when Dean tried to prevent Max from taking the deal to bring his own mom back.

What is Mary's fate? She’s clearly returned under unnatural circumstances, but it wasn’t Sam and Dean bringing her back, but rather Amara.

Is that a foreshadowing of what’s to come for her?

Mr. Ketch and Mary have a chat - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 20

I was surprised that Sam and Dean didn’t take that ring when they left a grief-stricken Max.

Even their conversation about doing whatever they can for family should have been the clue that Max would probably do something rash to bring back his own family.

Sam, we do terrible things all the time to save each other. I mean, that's what you do for family. Who am I to stop him?


After all, we’ve seen Sam and Dean go to extremes to save family.

Sam and Alicia look down - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 20

Really, it was a major shock that Max wasn’t able to use his magic to save his sister when she had been stabbed. I expected him to make the last-second save.

It was a bold choice from the writers to eliminate Max’s family in one swift move.

It also allowed us to see some dramatic range from the character, one who is normally enthusiastic and sarcastic and loving life go to heartbroken and shaken and changed.

Dean and Max look down - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 20

But that’s not the last we’ll see of him, right?

Or are we just to be left knowing that family will do whatever they can for each other no matter the consequences? Was that the takeaway rather than what might become of him?

And does that mean we should be worried about Sam, Dean and Castiel, especially Castiel?

Tasha lights some candles - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 20

It’s crazy that everything went from jokey and fun, and who didn’t laugh at Dean taking Sam’s wine to add to his own glass, to a real dark turn dealing with death and demon deals.

This hour also had solid pacing, keeping things engaging throughout each break. It just felt like old school Supernatural.

And it’s always wonderful when you can get some other characters involved that you care about or want to know more about.

Did someone see a ghost? - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 20

Though, did their backstory change during this episode?

I could have sworn both Max and Alicia were both witches when we first met them. Alicia did say she didn't have powers, right?

At least we got to see Max show off some sweet moves. Comes in handy having a good witch on your side.

It’s too bad that Sam and Dean don’t have Max to help them with the British Men of Letters problem.

Mr. Ketch has had enough - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 20

I’m still waiting for a decent payoff with that storyline. It just hasn’t been hitting, and after Mick’s death, I’ve been relatively disinterested.

It was only a matter of time before Mary discovered the dirty truth of the British group, but even bringing Toni back into the show with her new plan has me just hoping Sam and Dean take them out and move on.

There really has to be some ultimate reveal to make me care about it all.

Mary fights back - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 20

But it was such a kick-ass moment when Mary beat the crap out of Mr. Ketch. She can handle herself, and those bone crunching moments highlighted even further how badass Mary is.

She broke his arm!

It’s too bad Mr. Ketch had that backup Taser to take her out. Seriously, such a cheap move. Obvious, but cheap.

I’m at least glad some forward progress has been made and that Mary found things out, but I’m really just ready to move on from the British Men of Letters.

Mr. Ketch and Mary have a chat - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 20

Still, that felt like a minor part to the entertaining case that brought back two interesting new hunters. I just wish that both managed to survive, but the hunter game is clearly no easy task.

Plus, it really highlighted family with respect to Sam and Dean, and that’s going to have a big part to play by the time we hit the season finale. Doesn't it always?

This show really centers on family.

I just wonder if all our favorite characters are going to make it out alive by the end of Supernatural Season 12

What did you think of Max and Alicia’s return? Were you surprised by Max’s decision at the end? What is the British Men of Letters’ plan, especially with Mary? Sound off below, and be sure to watch Supernatural online at TV Fanatic!

Twigs & Twine & Tasha Banes Review

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