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On Supernatural Season 13 Episode 22, Sam is reunited with Dean, Mary, Jack, and Castiel. Dean tries to figure out what they are going to do with Lucifer, but Sam reassures Dean he is going to handle Lucifer himself. 

Lucifer introduces himself to Jack, but the guys are still unsure if Jack should be listening to what Lucifer has to say. Eventually Mary convinces the guys to let Jack make his own decisions. Meanwhile, Sam and Dean come up with the plan to bring the remaining people in the camp to the other side while they devise a plan to take down Michael. Mary is unsure, but when Charlie and Ketch get kidnapped they camp decides the best chance they have is going to the real world. 

The portal is kept opened long enough for everyone to get through, but before Sam, Dean, Lucifer, and Gabriel can go through Michael shows up. Gabriel tells the guys to go through because he needs to face Michael, but during the fight Michael gets the upper hand and kills Gabriel. Dean go through the portal first before Michael can get to him, but Sam stays behind to push Lucifer away from the portal. Lucifer tries to figure out why Sam won't let him through, but Sam states Lucifer is getting what he deserves. 

While everyone on the other side is celebrating, Lucifer is making a deal with Michael. He still remembers the spell to open the portal, and he already has the grace, so the two angels decide they will get their revenge. 

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Supernatural Season 13 Episode 22 Quotes

Castiel: How did you get in here?
Lucifer: VIP pass. I'm with the band.

Dean: Sam? What happened?
Sam: He uh...he brought me back.
Lucifer: It's what I do.