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On Supernatural Season 13 Episode 23, Sam tries to teach the new group of people the ways of the new world they now live in. Unfortunately things take a drastic turn when Mary and Bobby come upon the body of a woman named Maggie who came with them from the other side. Sam, Dean, Castiel, and Jack do some investigating and find out Maggie had a crush on a young guy at the gas station. Before Sam and Dean could form a plan Jack immediately goes to the gas station and accuses the guy of murdering Maggie. Dean is able to get Jack's attention before he does something terrible to gas station employee. 

Jack gets upset with himself when he realizes the person he was accusing of murder didn't commit the sin. Jack disappears, but leaves the guys behind. At the gas station Sam, Dean, and Castiel hear an ear piercing noise, but before they can run out of there Michael appears. The guys are dumbfounded by seeing him there, but aren't able to get a lot of questions in as they have to escape quickly. 

Meanwhile, Jack runs into Lucifer in the woods. Lucifer fills Jack's head up with the perfect place for the two of them to live. Jack agrees to go with Lucifer, but before he goes Lucifer needs to bring back Maggie. Lucifer reluctantly brings her back and the two of them disappear. Sam decides he needs to question Maggie about how killed her, but he finds out Lucifer is the one who originally killed her.

Before they can go after Lucifer, Michael appears in the bunker. Michael is able to get the upper hand on Dean, but as he is slowly killing him, Sam prays to Jack. Jack hears the prayer and is able to get back to the bunker right before Michael kills Dean. Jack almost kills Michael before Michael reminds Lucifer they made a deal. This catches Jack off guard and Jack forces Lucifer to tell him the truth about everything using his powers. Lucifer gets angry and is able to get a surprise attack on Jack, and takes his grace away from him. Lucifer teleports himself, and Jack, somewhere else, but Sam is sucked in with them. 

Michael informs them the devil has now won because he has Jack's grace which makes him ever more powerful. Dean tells Michael he needs to fight the devil, but Michael tells him his vessel is spent. Dean offers up himself to Michael as he was originally supposed to be Michael's vessel. Dean lays out rules stating Michael is not to take over the vessel at anytime.

Dean is able to not only save Jack and Sam, but also kill Lucifer as well. Just as everyone is starting to celebrate Michael decides to take over Dean's vessel and disappears. 

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Supernatural Season 13 Episode 23 Quotes

They're talking about if Kylie Jenner will be a good mother.


Bobby: Let me get this right. The ice caps are melting, a movie where a girl goes all the way with a fish wins best picture, and that damn food idjit from The Apprentice is the President.
Sam: Yeah.
Bobby: And you call where we come from the apocalypse world?
Sam: Good point.