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Sam and Dean take Jack on his first hunt on Supernatural Season 13 episode 4. What starts off as a simple salt and burn ghost hunt quickly turns into something a little harder to pin down, and Sam, Jack and Dean have to pose as patients for a grief therapist in order to uncover the truth about her "catharsis program." 

Rukiya Bernard returns to Supernatural as therapist Mia Vallens and everyone gets to dance a little with their repressed emotions. When it's discovered that this friendly helpful therapist is not quite the human she pretends to be, Sam and Dean struggle to find the real monster they're after. Meanwhile, Jack gets to meet a friendly monster, and talk about his mom and himself from a non-judgemental source. There are monsters doing good things, and another reminder that being good is always more about what you do and how hard you try. 

Once again, Jack uses his nephilim powers to save Sam, who is then able to take care of the monster in the room. 

Jack finally gets to feel like he did something good, and then gets to hear it from Dean, Sam gets to hear that it's okay to have faith. and Castiel annoys a cosmic entity. 

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Supernatural Season 13 Episode 4 Quotes

What gets burned, stays dead.


Look, if there's one thing Dean respects, it's effort. So come along, help us out. Let's go be the good guys.