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When Missori Mosely calls the boys to help her kill a wraith, Sam calls in Jody Mills and stays behind to help Jack get a grip on his powers while Dean leaves to help Jody and Missori. This particular wraith has gotten a taste for psychics after accidentally feeding on one in the mental institution he had been lurking in, and Missori fears that her family is in danger. She sends Dean and Jody ahead to protect her granddaughter while facing off with the wraith on her own. 

Meanwhile, Sam is having no luck in trying to get Jack to control his powers. After Sam shows Jack the video Jack's mom made for him before she died, Jack is having some kind of identity crisis and doesn't believe he can actually use his powers for anything good -- even something as simple as moving a pencil with his mind. Sam tries to talk him out of believing he is incapable of doing anything good, even goes so far as to explain that he can relate to Jack, having once been the "evil freak" kid. 

Patience makes her debut and flexes her psychic powers despite her father's reluctance to admit she is psychic, just like her grandmother, and she plays a key part in the big battle with the wraith. 

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Supernatural Season 13 Episode 3 Quotes

Missori: You save my family, you hear me Dean Winchester?
Dean: Yes ma'am.
Missori: Good. And thank you.

Missouri: Aw, honey! I'm sorry for your losses.
Dean: Leave it to a psychic to cut right through the small talk, huh?