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On Supernatural Season 13 Episode 17, Sam and Dean are still in the midst of searching for the final thing they need for the spell to open the other side. They are able to track it down to a remote men of letters bunker, but the guys are surprised to friend a woman, Sandy, who was being shackled up in one of the rooms. The guys free her, and they quickly learn the woman is close to 100 years old. 

The guys head to a nearby diner, but a group of people in red robes comes into the diner, and kidnaps Sam. The leaders of the group explain to Sam the woman they have is actually a god from another world, and the moment she feeds she will destroy the world. Sam is let go, but is too late. Sandy is able to eat, and she ends up taking Dean back to the bunker to use his body as a vessel. 

Thankfully, the group is able to apprehend them before Sandy's spell completely workd, and she's sucked back in to the other world. The guys are given the final ingredient for the spell, and head for their bunker. 

At the bunker, Ketch shows up, but he has Gabriel in tow. Ketch wants protection from Asmodeus, and he offers Gabriel as a bargaining chip since the guys will need his grace. Dean agrees to protect Ketch, but he lets Sam know he needs to go to the other world by himself. Sam is, at first, not on board, but Dean explains they need someone in the real world to make sure everything runs smoothly. Sam agrees, and Dean goes to the other side with Ketch tagging along. 

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