Supernatural Season 13 Episode 17 Review: The Thing

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Let's all agree on one thing, Buck deserved better!

On Supernatural Season 13 Episode 17, we jumped right back into the hectic swing of things, and everyone was trying to get the right ingredients for the spell to the other world. 

It was great seeing the brotherly side of Sam, and Dean throughout the entire episode. Even though they may have their own problems, Dean was really trying to make light out of their situation. I also found myself agreeing with Dean – putting those notes on Sam's back was hilarious. 

Welcome To The Future - Supernatural Season 13 Episode 17

I also really enjoyed seeing the guys searching for the final ingredient. I've always been fascinated by how giant the men of letters bunker really is. I wasn't at all shocked to see Dean not truly embrace the whole looking through the vast collection of books. You would think, after so many years, Dean would get used to all the research they do. 

What has always gotten me, and has also made me chuckle a bit, is how if they aren't able to find the answers at their bunker there's always some other out-post they could go to. Case in point, them finding their way to Sandy. 

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Was anyone else screaming for the guys not to go looking for the woman screaming? I don't know about you, but I would imagine I'd find myself questioning why there was a woman shackled up, but no, they just immediately set her free – even after figuring out she was almost 100 years old. Second opinion guys, it's all I am going to suggest. 

Sam Helps - Supernatural Season 13 Episode 17

Speaking of the men of letters, for a group which only boasted Sam, and Dean as memebers there sure were a lot coming out of the woodwork. I know, I know not everyone who was in the robes was a true men of letters, but a case could easily be made the group from tonight was like a subsidy of them. 

Of course Sean would be the one the monster would want to breed with. Dean got a lot of credit for essentially playing around with her, and even making a fantastic reference to Ghostbusters – I was totally imagining the movie while Dean was being shackled up, and Sandy was talking about her world. Thank goodness they were able to get the necklace. 

Oh my god that is tragic. It's almost like a Hallmark movie, but with tentacles.


Switching gears a bit, but how awesome was the fight between Asmodeus, and Ketch? I couldn't believe Ketch would think he would have the upper hand when it came to Asmodeus. Did Ketch really think Asmodeus was just going to let him walk right out of hell? What I am not fan of Ketch, he has never struck me as being a fool, but it was a truly foolish mood. 

Ketch And Asmodeus - Supernatural Season 13 Episode 17

My heart was completely breaking for poor Gabriel. I had a feeling Asmodeus would be using some of the grace for himself. It's been odd seeing Gabriel so weak, vulnerable, and a shell of his former self; though it was interesting when Ketch decided to free him from the prison Asmodeus had him in. It really makes you wonder if Ketch is truly wanting to have some sort of redemption. 

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Let's all be honest, Ketch is a terrible person who has done a lot of horrible things, but an ongoing theme on Supernatural has always been redemption. Could Ketch really be on the road to it or is this another one of his clever ploys to get the guys to trust him?

At least Ketch did the right thing by bringing Gabriel to the bunker. I also couldn't blame Dean for agreeing to protect Ketch from Asmodeus. Dean was always going to go to the extreme to make sure he'd be able to get to Mary – even if it meant making a deal with an enemy. 

Dean Has A Gun - Supernatural Season 13 Episode 17

Did anyone else figure Dean was going to suggest going to the other side alone? I had a sinking feeling one of the guys would end up having to split up, and it made a lot of sense. The portal is only going to be opened for 24 hours, and they needed someone on the other side to make sure everything would go smoothly. 

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Dean was also right about Gabriel needing someone in the real world to take care of him; though the moment Dean touched Sam's shoulder before he left I started to tear up. Dean had to do what he had to do, but I am still not trusting Ketch at all. 

This really was a wonderful episode. It kept me entertained from beginning to the end. I found myself not only laughing at the more simple moments, but holding my breath when Dean made his decision. I'm really looking forward to seeing how they wrap this storyline up. 

Sam: What's the catch? What do you want?
Ketch: Protection.

Now it's your turn to tell me what you think. 

Did you laugh when Dean was being his goofy self? What do you think Ketch is up to? Do you think Dean will end up getting stuck in the other world? 

Let me know in the comments below. 

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The Thing Review

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