Supernatural Review: "Caged Heat"

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Things picked back up on the soul search in this week’s Supernatural, “Caged Heat.”

I admit the reunions between the brothers, Meg, Crowley, and Samuel felt abrupt. Apparently, it’s been a few moths since the deal for the return of Sam’s soul was made, but it didn’t feel like these characters had been away for such a lengthy period of time.

I mean, c’mon, it’s only been two episodes.

Return of Meg

That being said, I love that Supernatural maintained a sense of storyline continuity. It brought back plot points and characters from seasons past and incorporated them into the present. It always seems to do this well.

I also like that they brought back the character of Meg.  She’s maintained her snappy edge from when she first appeared in season 1, and was one of the brothers’ first major enemies. Although, I can’t remember Meg's character spouting so many sexual innuendos at the time.

And why had she appeared all of sudden? Did I miss something? Is it simply to replace Crowley as the bad guy or is it a new plotline springing up?

Dean, despite taking a more backseat approach to Sam’s “go get ‘em” attitude, proved to have matured as a character. His conversations about family were not only heartfelt, but also experienced. He has recognized that every demon deal that he and Sam have made for each other, always ended up with a disastrous consequence. It certainly has been their Achilles’ heal.

As for Sam, he wasn’t as funny as last episode. In fact, he wasn’t really funny at all. Instead, he was back to his aggressively cunning self.

Sam biting his arm so he can make a trap with his own blood? Smart, but very creepy. His smirk reminded me of when he was addicted to demon’s blood.

Yet, it was when Sam made death threats towards Castiel that convinced me that he needs his soul back. I was glad that Castiel stood up to him, but at the same time understood that Sam simply needs help.

I have missed Castiel as a central character. Crowley’s comment, “Castiel, I haven’t seen you all season,” certainly reflected those feelings. He’s popped in occasionally to lend a quick hand before jumping back to deal with Heaven. Of course, his absence allows the show to focus on the boys’ relationship and force them to deal with problems on their own, exactly like the days before the angels showed up.

Still, I’m hoping we get to see more of him in the second half of the season because he had some of the best moments of the episode. His deadpan lines and inability to understand how to act like a normal human always creates great comic scenes.

Caged Heat Scene

When the brothers are desperately trying to find Crowley’s location, Castiel is instead watching porn. Why? Simply because it was there. Naturally, Castiel didn’t understand that you don’t analyze it, and you certainly don’t watch it in a room full of guys. Dean’s disbelief and explanation of the proper way to view porn added comic relief in a relatively gritty and dark episode.

We also received a chance to witness how the war in Heaven has affected Castiel. When Crowley replied that he couldn’t retrieve Sam’s soul, Castiel instantly burned his bones.

Wow. No discussions, no witty back and forth banter, no deals. He didn’t have time to fool around and if Crowley wasn’t going to help, then no problem. Crowley’s finished.

Which brought the brothers to a crossroads during the final moments. Dean still wanted to find a way to get Sam’s soul back and Sam no longer thought that it was a good idea. Why Sam? Where’s your hope?

Oh wait. He can’t have hope. He’s soulless.

I do have a certain feeling that the resolution of the lost soul isn’t going to take place until the final episodes of this season. I guess we will find out if that works out or not.

“Caged Heat” essentially felt like a premiere episode with the way it seemed to almost reintroduce the characters and the predicaments of the season. So while nothing extremely new occurred, it was still a solid episode just the same.

Caged Heat Review

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