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On this episode of Supernatural…

Angels are killing angels. A new angel, Malachi, is leading a faction of angels against Bartholomew and his group of angels.

Castiel attempts to help Sam and Dean on the case, but Dean tells him he needs to stay away.

Metatron wants to build a new kingdom of Heaven. He also wants to use Gadriel, who is pretending to be Ezekiel, to help him. Gadriel was imprisoned in Heaven for letting the serpent into Eden.

Castiel is captured and tortured by Malachi’s group. He manages to trick Theo, steal his grace, and kill him. He reveals to Dean that Ezekiel is dead.

Dean decides to tell Sam the truth about the angel possession, but Gadriel messes with his plan. Gadriel kills Kevin, the first on Metatron’s hit list.

Gadriel leaves the bunker with Dean powerless to stop him.

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