On Supernatural Season 13 Episode 14, Sam, Dean, and Castiel are determined to find a way to open a portal to the other world, not realizing they're being betrayed.

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When you watch Supernatural Season 13 Episode 14, you'll see how important it is to not bring someone without a soul on to your team. Sam, Dean, and Castiel all wait for Donatello to translate the demon tablet. Donatello comes to them soon afterwards, and lets them know he was able to find the spell to open the portal. Unfortunately, the guys are not aware Donatello has been compromised which leads the guys to danger. Thankfully, Sam is able to get the upper hand over Donatello, and puts him in a room handcuffed. Castiel gets frustrated, and goes into the room to root inside Donatello's head to get the spell they are after. Castiel has success, but it leads to Donatello being braindead. Meanwhile, Jack is being tortured in the other world to give up a way to get to the other side, but Michael doesn't realize just how strong Jack is. Michael soon throws Jack into a cell with Mary, but they quickly learn Jack's powers will work in the cell in a certain spot, and they are able to escape, but Michael is hot on their trail. Want to see what happens next? Go watch Supernatural online now via TV Fanatic.

Episode Details

On Supernatural Season 13 Episode 14, Sam, Dean, and Castiel search for a way to open a breach, not realizing that one of their own may be working against them.

Rating: 4.6 / 5.0 (36 Votes)
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Supernatural Season 13 Episode 14 Quotes

This boy can open up a rift big enough to let an army through.


You're sure this half breed is the ticket to the other side?