Supernatural Season 13 Episode 14 Review: Good Intentions

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Why couldn't we have more storylines created in the alternate world?

On Supernatural Season 13 Episode 14, we FINALLY made our way back to the main storyline of the entire season -- trying to get Jack, and Mary, back from the other side. This has been one of the biggest frustrations for the fandom. 

It seems like many of us shared similar opinions when it came to how long they have dragged this entire alternate world storyline out. It was almost like they weren't exactly sure where they wanted to go with it, so they stalled for time.

Bobby Saves The Day - Good Intentions - Supernatural Season 13 Episode 14

At the beginning of the season, it was awesome seeing this alternate world opened for us with tons of possibilities. Could you imagine what kind of tales they could have told? Unfortunately, as the season went on, we weren't treated to alternate storylines which could have made the entire season stand out. 

Speaking of the alternate world, Zachariah being the one putting thoughts in Jack's head kept my attention. I was relieved when Jack revealed he was strong enough to figure out the world he was being shown was not the real world; though I figured Michael would eventually take over. 

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At least Michael intervening led to Jack, and Mary, meeting for the first time. Mary got a lot of credit for not immediately thinking Jack was evil but instead wanting to help him out; though she wasn't wrong thinking Michael was going to hurt her to get what he wanted out of Jack. 

Jack was never going to let anything happen to Mary because of the family he found with Sam, Dean, and Castiel. I was pleased when they figured out they'd be about to get out of prison by using Jack's powers. 

Bobby's Back - Supernatural Season 13 Episode 14

One of my favorite moments was seeing Bobby again. I've always missed him, but I've been incredibly happy whenever he pops up from time to time. It was insane listening to Bobby tell Mary about the alternate world and just how important Mary's deal is with Azazel. 

Was anyone else a little angry Mary told Bobby the truth about Jack? There was absolutely no reason for her to give him that. She had to have known Bobby wouldn't react kindly to finding out there was a half angel in their camp. 

Who else was finally thrilled someone asked Castiel about how he was feeling? This man has been through hell, and back, but no one has bothered asking him how he was doing. Jack is like a son to Castiel, and he felt like he was letting him down the longer he left him in the alternate world. 

Granted, we all knew it wasn't Castiel's fault, but I understood why he was feeling so much guilt. Castiel knew exactly what Michael was trying to get out of Jack -- bring way to their world. Jack was the perfect weapon for Michael's sinister plan. 

Old Married Couple - Supernatural Season 13 Episode 14

You know what I loved about the Dean and Castiel moments? They were equal parts serious, and equal parts hilarious. It was great seeing Dean finding the warriors amusing because of the loin clothes; though you had to appreciate Castiel trying to keep Dean on track with what they were trying to do. 

Who else had forgotten Donatello's soul was gone? I'll admit, I was a little confused on how Asmodeus was going to get the translation of the demon tablet considering Donatello was staying with the guys, but the whole soul missing definitely put a wrench in everyone's plan. 

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In the end, Jack was able to save all the people in Bobby's camp. It was fantastic seeing how much Jack has grown, and how he wants to help no matter the cost. We already knew it was going to lead to Jack making the ultimate decision he would have to be the one to kill Michael.

I also couldn't be angry at Castiel for doing what he did to Donatello. He made some great points about not only Donatello not having a soul, but also being controlled by Asmodeus. It would have led to utter destruction if he had been kept alive. It's actually pretty easy to justify what Castiel did. 

Sam and Dean - Good Intentions - Supernatural Season 13 Episode 14

Now it's time to tell me what you think. 

Do you think Castiel was right in the way he got the information? Did you figure out there would be an eventual showdown between Jack and Michael? Were you happy you happy to finally see the other world?

Let me know in the comments below. 

Don't forget; you can watch this episode again to catch what you missed. 

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Good Intentions Review

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