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On Supernatural Season 13 Episode 14, we finally made our way back to the alternate world. Jack was being tortured by Zachariah to give up any information he may have to get to the other world. Unfortunately for Zachariah, Jack was a stronger than he though. Michael decided to intervene, and he threw Jack in a prison cell with Mary. As the two talked, they realized Jack's powers could still be used in the cell. Jack was able to escape with Mary, but Michael was quickly on their tail. 

Mary, and Jack ran into Bobby, and he offers them shelter. While talking with Bobby, Mary realizes the alternate world Mary never made a deal with a demon thus the boys were never born to protect the world. Bobby tells her she made the right decision in making the deal. Soon the camp is raided by Michael, and the rest of the angels, but Jack is able to protect everyone. Jack realizes the only way everything is going to stop for the people in the alternate world is if he is the one to kill Michael. 

Meanwhile, Sam, Dean, and Castiel were all waiting for Donatello to translate the demon tablet; though they weren't aware he had been compromised. Donatello gave them the wrong information, and puts the guys in danger. Sam ended up locking Donatello up in of the rooms, but Castiel was determined to get the information they were all after. He was able to meddle around inside Donatello's head which lead to him finding the spell. 

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Supernatural Season 13 Episode 14 Quotes

This boy can open up a rift big enough to let an army through.


You're sure this half breed is the ticket to the other side?