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The employees of Cloud 9 put together a candlelight vigil for Mateo after he is taken from the store and detained by ICE. 

Corporate sends a high-tech robot to the store, which is part of "Cloud 9.0." The employees fear that it's there to replace them. 

Amy is acting as a double agent and leads corporate to believe that all talk of unionizing had died off. She asks Jonah to set up the new robot. 

Dina is still angry at Garrett for letting her birds out, and she sabotages his lunch every day. 

Garrett joins Marcus and Dina's plan to break Mateo out of the detention center. 

Cheyenne refuses to go visit Mateo. She yells at a customer for taking an item off the display that Mateo put up, and Amy tries to talk her into going to the detention center. 

Garrett and Dina realize that their plan is ridiculous. 

Jonah tries to stop Glenn and the rest of the employees from destroying the robot. 

Amy takes Cheyenne to go see Mateo and he tells her how bad the detention center is.

Dina blames Garrett for what happened to Mateo since she was distracted by what happened to her birds the day Mateo was taken. 

Amy and the employees try to drop the new robot from the roof, but it gets back up and continues to work. 

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Superstore Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

It was nice of corporate to wait an entire week before they reminded us we're just as replaceable as Mateo.


Jonah: I think he likes Taylor Swift.
Cheyenne: No, he's back to hating her again.