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Amy and Jonah bring Parker into work because his daycare is closed. 

Dina tells Garrett and the employees about the vet she's dating. Mateo helps her photoshop a giant picture of them for his birthday. 

Jerusha brings Rose in for a playdate with Parker. Glenn and Jerusha condone Amy's parenting style. 

Sandra and Cheyenne theorize how Parker could really be Jonah's son. 

Dina tracks down her boyfriend's mom. Garrett tries to tell her that she's been crazy and she's going to scare him off. 

Amy and Jonah try to prove that Parker is as smart as Rose. 

Jonah spies on Glenn to see if Rose is actually potty-trained, and gets hit in the face by the bathroom door. 

Dina confesses to Garrett that she's scared of being a girlfriend. 

Sandra steals Jonah's cup in the break room. 

Amy and Jonah fight Glenn over their different parenting styles.

They set up an obstacle course to see which baby is better. Neither of the babies moves. 

After seeing how intense he was, Amy teases Jonah about how he'll act once Parker joins the football team. 

Sandra tries to send Jonah and Parker's DNA to the lab, but Cheyenne tells her she's crossing a line. 

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Superstore Season 5 Episode 18 Quotes

He looked like a really good dad.


Every night we give him a bath. We read him stories. We sing him to sleep in his crib.