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The employees accuse Amy of giving her favorite employees special treatment. 

Amy finds a way to make Mateo her new assistant by switching the employees around, but keeping the names on the payroll the same. 

Garrett offers to switch shifts with Jonah. Jonah is visually upset that Garrett didn't invite him to the gathering he's having.

The employees threaten to call HR after realizing they didn't get to interview for the assistant job.

Jonah tries to get himself invited over to Garrett's, but Garrett tells him that Jonah is usually hanging out with Amy and her kids.

Amy conducts a group interview in the break room, and Marcus does surprisingly well

Jonah tells Amy he's upset that everyone's reducing him to only her boyfriend. 

Glenn and Dina fight over who's in charge of the floor. 

Mateo continues to perform poorly at the group interviews, while Marcus thrives.

Sandra locks Glenn and Dina in the storage room to force them to work out their issues. 

Jonah tries to convince Garrett he's still one of the guys by taking him out to lunch. 

Much to Amy and Mateo's dismay, Marcus proves that he's the best person for the assistant job. Amy gives Marcus her desk in the warehouse in exchange for letting Mateo have the job.

Jonah accidentally causes a fight between Garrett and his friend. 

Sandra forgets about Glenn and Dina and leaves them locked in the cage. 

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Superstore Season 5 Episode 13 Quotes

I know it wasn't the plan, but I think you'll be really happy with him.


Amy: I don't give Jonah special treatment.
Justine: It's not just Jonah. It's all your favorites.