Superstore Season 5 Episode 13 Review: Favoritism

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The competiton is heating up on Superstore Season 5 Episode 13

If there's one thing the employees of Cloud 9 never lack it's passion. At least, when it comes to anything other than doing their jobs. 

But the role of Amy's assistant turned out to be a highly coveted position, and Marcus and Mateo went head to head for the gold.

New Assistant - Superstore Season 5 Episode 13

As the title suggests, "Favoritism" is built around the notion that Amy gives special treatment to the employees she likes the most. 

What the workers don't seem to understand is that Amy cuts every single one of them much more slack than they deserve.

Very few store managers would allow their employees to get away with everything Amy does. Even fewer managers would create a union to fight for workers' rights, even though she is now reaping the benefits of corporate greed. 

In hindsight, Amy shouldn't be treating the employees better. They should be treating her better.

Justine and Amy - Superstore Season 5 Episode 13

When they're not walking all over her, the workers of Cloud 9 are practicing self-care, playing laster tag, and throwing men's rights protests in the store.

While it's all part of what makes the show a comedy, Amy has more than enough reason to fire her employees. Given all that Amy has done, threatening to call HR on her because of her relationship with Jonah doesn't sit well.

Amy: I don't give Jonah special treatment.
Justine: It's not just Jonah. It's all your favorites.

It's also easy to forget that Amy has worked at Cloud 9 for nearly fifteen years. She's bound to be closer to the workers who have been there longer, and her boyfriend who she lives with, but she always holds them to the same standards in the workplace. 

If Amy does work around the system and do things unconventionally, it's always in everyone's best interest. 

Picking Favorites - Superstore Season 5 Episode 13

The situation with Mateo was proof of that. Amy didn't make Mateo her assistance because he's going to be the most helpful to her. 

It's surprising to say, but if Amy was looking for an assistant who would be beneficial, Marcus would have been the man for the job. 

I know it wasn't the plan, but I think you'll be really happy with him.


But like she did with Myrtle, Amy was willing to put her own needs aside to help Mateo get out of a bad situation. 

Even though Amy was able to bribe Marcus into letting the job go, his efforts to get it was the highlight of the episode. 

Marcus - Superstore Season 5 Episode 13

The ease in which Marcus handled all of the tasks may have been the most shocking part of Superstore Season 5. In all actuality, it was even more surprising than how the union turned out. 

It might sound extreme, but this is Marcus we're talking about. Can anyone honestly say they saw this coming?

Since Amy didn't take Jonah off the schedule to dodge the favoritism accusation, Garrett offered to switch shifts. 

This opened up a whole can of worms, as Jonah realized Garrett was hanging out with a group of friends and he wasn't invited.

Power Struggle - Superstore Season 5 Episode 13

Jonah may have spent the entire episode attempting to prove to Garrett that he was still "one of the guys," but he ended up doing the opposite. 

Amy: I can't just pick Mateo without everyone thinking I'm playing favorites the way they thought I was giving you special treatment just because you're my boyfriend.
Jonah: You know what? I'm tired of everybody thinking of me as just your boyfriend, okay? Even Garrett sees me like that. He thinks I spend all of my time with you and the kids.
Amy: Well, I mean, you kinda do.
Jonah: Come on!
Amy: But, if you wanna, like, spend more time with your boys, I'd be totally cool with that. Do you have boys?
Jonah: Yes! Yes, I have boys. I have lots of boys. Shane. Grant. Julian.
Amy: Julian, Emma's French tutor?
Jonah: We connected! We both love the cuisine!

The most interesting part about the situation is Jonah not even realizing how much time he spends with Amy and her kids.

The show mentions Amy and Jonah's home life rather often, but it's starting to become something the audience needs to see for themselves.

Cheyenne - Superstore Season 5 Episode 13

It's clear that Jonah has become a part of Amy's family.

He was there the day Parker was born, and he's been a big part of his upbringing ever since. In an accidental slip-up, Amy admitted that Parker could also be considered their baby, even though Jonah isn't the birth father. 

Jonah has settled into a domestic life with Amy, and Garrett has picked up on it. 

Look, man. You don't have to prove anything. It's just that you're in a different phase in your life right now and that's okay.


Considering that they already live in the same house and raise two kids together, Jonah and Amy are ready for the next step. 

Overall, "Favoritism" was a good installment of Superstore.

It didn't serve to push the plot forward, as the union seems to be sleeping, but it was able to do what all successful sitcoms should. It made us laugh.

Adding Flare - Superstore Season 5 Episode 13

Stray Thoughts:

  • We haven't seem him since he was first introduced, but Amy confirmed that Mateo and her brother are still together. We are fully on board with this ship. 
  • The power struggle between Dina and Glenn was a huge part of the first few seasons of Superstore, and it was fun to get back to that. Moving Glenn up in the ranks is the right move for the show. 
  • Did Marcus somehow become the funniest character on Superstore? How did that happen?
  • As Sandra so gracefully reminded us, her wedding is coming up. And as we know from Superstore Season 2, Cloud 9 weddings tend to be something special. But Jonah prefers the term "sexy."

It's your turn, Superstore fans! What did you think of "Favortism"?

Do you think Amy is treated unfairly by the employees? Or do you think she does give special treatment to certain workers?

Drop a comment down below, and let us know your thoughts and predictions!

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Superstore Season 5 Episode 13 Quotes

I know it wasn't the plan, but I think you'll be really happy with him.


Amy: I don't give Jonah special treatment.
Justine: It's not just Jonah. It's all your favorites.