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The ladies of Cloud 9 take Sandra out to celebrate her wedding. 

Carol warns them not to eat the cupcakes because she filled them with laxatives. 

Amy and Jonah show up early to the wedding, and the bartender refuses to serve them until they open. 

Dina is determined that Carol is going to ruin the wedding, so Amy is forced to take over the wedding setup. 

The bartender complains to Jonah about how much money he makes, and Jonah tells him about "Raise the Wage." The bartender and his co-workers end up quitting after Jonah makes them realize they deserve better. 

Mateo's ankle monitor goes off during the ceremony, and he's forced to sit in a backroom a charge it for two hours. Eric keeps him company. 

Garrett makes up a variety of stories about him and Jerry during his best man speech. 

Amy finds Dina facing off with Carol, who is about to throw Sandra's cat out the window. Dina manages to trick Carol and get the cat back. Sandra hugs Dina and thanks her. 

Cheyenne tells Mateo that Eric left, but he returns with an extension cord so the two of them can dance. 

Amy and Jonah dance together. Sandra tells Jerry she likes being married to him. 

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Superstore Season 5 Episode 14 Quotes

Amy: This is really awkward, but I have to fire you from Sandra's wedding.
Jonah: Aw, man. I get zero perks from dating the boss.

Mateo: You sure you want all this? I hate doing this to you.
Eric: This is not something you're doing to me. This is something we're doing to each other.