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The employees reminisce over Myrtle by watching her projection. 

Although they weren't close, Myrtle leaves a thousand dollars for Jonah. 

Dina tells Sandra that Myrtle's death makes her wonder if her dad regrets not reaching out to her.

Jonah and Garrett try to console Glenn. 

Cheyenne gets caught up selling makeup for a pyramid scheme. 

Jonah and Amy try to figure out what to do with the money. 

Dina makes Sandra call her dad, Howard, and tell him she died. He shows up at the store, and Dina hugs him. 

Jonah gives Glenn the money from Myrtle. Amy mentions she and Jonah spending the rest of their lives together.

Glenn's pastor tells him they can use the money to get Myrtle into heaven. 

Jonah teases Amy about a possible proposal. 

After seeing how much money she made, Mateo asks Cheyenne if he can help sell her products. 

Dina introduces her dad to the employees.

Amy and Jonah try to convince Glenn not to give the money to Pastor Craig. 

Dina realizes that her father never should have left her, and tells him it's too late to reconcile things. 

Mateo realizes Cheyenne isn't making any profits. 

The employees toast to Myrtle. 

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Superstore Season 5 Episode 12 Quotes

Garrett: There's a thousand bucks in it. I already opened it.
Amy: What? For Jonah? Were you guys even close?
Glenn: She never mentioned that when I made her tea every morning or when I took her to her doctor's appointments.

I can't believe Myrtle's gone.