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Cheyenne tells a customer they’re low on shopping carts. She notices someone eating chips from a bag they didn’t pay for. They introduce themselves as Lowell Anderson. Glenn overhears and excitedly tells Cheyenne that Lowell is the son of Cloud 9’s founder. Glenn asks Lowell for a photo.

Glenn and Dina introduce Lowell to the employees during the daily meeting. Glenn tells everyone that Cloud 9 undersold Glenn’s father’s business and put him out of business.

Lowell tells the employees to take off their uniform vests. He orders Mateo to wear an inappropriate t-shirt and Glenn to change his hair.

Glenn asks Cheyenne to give Lowell a tour of their store.

Carol notices Hannah, her lawyer, laughing with Jonah. She came to see Jonah. After Carol leaves, Hannah and Jonah talk some more. Hannah tells Jonah she talked to Amy about Carol’s lawsuit. Jonah asks Hannah more about Amy; then, he suggests they should go out.

Garrett gives Dina a delivery addressed to her. It’s a package of dried fruit from Brian. Dina tells Garrett she plans to break up with Brian.

Sandra catches Jonah scrolling through Emma’s Instagram. She asks about Amy and offers her help to Jonah to figure out who Amy went to the mountains with. Jonah asks Sandra about her interest in social media.

Lowell talks to Cheyenne while she is giving him the tour. He takes a bite out of an apple and puts it down. Cheyenne subtly suggests Lowell should leave, but he insists on staying. Lowell notices a customer looking at a blender, and he proposes emptying all the products for sale of their packaging. Lowell blows his nose into a towel and puts it back.

Glenn calls a hair salon to book a haircut. Cheyenne voices her concerns about Lowell to Glenn, but he dismisses her.

While the employees start unpacking products, Dina approaches them and asks for advice on how to break up with someone.

Sandra approaches Jonah and tells him she knows where Amy is staying. They go into the old breakroom and discuss Amy’s whereabouts. Sandra convinces Jonah to call the place Amy is staying at. He calls Wonderland Cabins, and he finds out Amy is not there.

Dina video calls Brian and purposely tries to pick a fight with him. When it doesn’t work, she closes her laptop without hanging up.

Customers are having trouble with the unboxed products. Elias takes a TV out of its box and drops it by accident, smashing it on the floor. Lowell says this was a bad idea and suggests removing the shelves instead. Cheyenne yells at Lowell; then, Glenn comes back with a new haircut.

Lowell and Glenn talk in Glenn’s office. Lowell tells Glenn to write up Cheyenne to remind her who is in charge. Lowell tells Glenn about what really happened the night Glenn’s father lost his business to Cloud 9.

Brian calls Garrett and asks about Dina’s behavior. Garrett tries to reassure Brian, but he accidentally makes Brian think Dina wants to break up with him. Dina walks in and asks what’s going on, and Garrett gives her the phone. Dina breaks up with Brian.

Sandra and Jonah are still trying to figure out where Amy is. Sandra shows Jonah a new post from Emma’s Instagram. Amy is only on a trip with Emma and Parker. Sandra hatches a plan for Jonah and Amy to get back together, but Jonah refuses.

Cheyenne and Mateo are talking. Lowell and Glenn interrupt them, and Lowell opens the floor for Glenn to berate Cheyenne. Glenn refuses, and Lowell reminds him about the two kinds of people in this world. Glenn tries to make Lowell eat dog food, but Lowell happily eats it.

Glenn shows Lowell out, and Lowell mentions that Zephra plans to close all Cloud 9 stores. Cheyenne questions Lowell’s statement, but Glenn and Mateo dismiss it.

Dina and Garrett talk about Dina’s breakup. Dina and Garrett flirt with each other, and she subtly asks him out to dinner.

Jonah and Hannah are at dinner. He says that he’s happy to be with her.

Cheyenne is on the phone talking about Zephra shutting down Cloud 9 while preparing to leave for the day. Amy is on the other end of the line. Amy promises to look into Lowell’s statement.

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Superstore Season 6 Episode 13 Quotes

Cheyenne: Lowell was just saying that he wants the store to be more “hands-on,” and I just worry that his ideas might be slightly fully wack.
Glenn: Okay, look. Lowell's methods may seem strange, but that's because we're not on his level intellectually. I mean, this morning, I watched a squirrel unwrap a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup for an hour.
Cheyenne: Glenn, you have to get TikTok. That's like, literally all it is.

Glenn: Mr. Anderson is not your typical heartless businessman. My father had a hardware store, Sturgis & Sons, and Cloud 9 undersold us and put us out of business, but my dad said that you were always a gentleman about it; even took him out to dinner on the night that the store closed for good!
Marcus: Wow, mensch alert!
Jonah: I'm sorry, did we not hear the “put him out of business” part?