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Dina and Glenn hold the daily meeting. Jeff is back as the store's district manager and notifies the employees to encourage customers to complete their customer satisfaction surveys.

Cheyenne, Dina, and Glenn talk about the customer satisfaction surveys.

Sandra, Glenn, and Jonah begin interacting with customers and encouraging them to fill out their surveys.

Mateo talks to Garrett about his impending engagement. Jeff hears about it, so Mateo says Garrett is the one getting engaged.

Cheyenne lists employees that will have to work in the back to avoid interacting with customers. Jonah is upset to be on this list.

Dina wants to start making problems for customers so that they will need employee help for higher ratings.

Cheyenne assigns the group of employees in the back to move boxes from one shelf to another.

Dina and Glenn hold another meeting in the warehouse to notify employees about causing minor problems for customers. Employees execute the plan.

While working in the back, Jonah continues to complain about having to move boxes. Sandra tries to reassure him.

Garrett asks Mateo to back out of his fake engagement, but Mateo refuses.

Jonah sneaks out onto the floor and tries to provide help for a customer. Cheyenne catches him and sends him back to the warehouse.

Jeff tells Dina and Glenn their customer satisfaction ratings are high.

The toilet in the customer bathroom begins flooding.

Jonah complains about his most recent customer interaction. He convinces the employees that are working with him to take a break outside.

Glenn and Dina notice water leaking from the back. Marcus stuffed items down a toilet in the customer's bathroom to block it. Everyone begins to panic.

Garrett volunteers Mateo to distract Jeff from noticing the flood.

Glenn tries to block the water from flooding the store, but it does not work.

Garrett announces the water issue over the store's speakers. Jonah and the employees he worked with lounge outside.

Mateo talks to Jeff. Jeff tells Mateo about his new boyfriend. Mateo admits Garrett's impending engagement is actually his, and Jeff becomes sad since he made up his boyfriend. Mateo comforts him, and Jeff notices the flood. Jeff walks out onto the floor and starts yelling.

Employees begin cleaning the store and the damaged products.

Jonah and the employees come back inside. Cheyenne tells them about the flood and asks where they were. Jonah indirectly allowed all the boxes to become damaged, so Sandra kicks him out of the "back employees" group.

Dina and Glenn blame the flood on customers.

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Superstore Season 6 Episode 12 Quotes

Jeff: Well, Zephra's looking at the scores and the comments, so it's important that you get positive feedback, especially this store.
Dina: What's that supposed to mean?
Jeff: There's been some chatter that 1217 is a “problem child” store.
Glenn: What?!
Jeff: I mean, you did damage the store's servers, there's the raccoon infestation, there's Carol's lawsuit, not to mention the multiple attempts at unionizing --
Dina: Well, yeah, of course, it's gonna sound bad when you just rattle them off in a row like that! But if you intersperse them with good things we've done, or just, you know, random trivia.

Nobody bothers with the surveys. People only use receipts to spit out gum and for murder alibis.