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The castaways return from one of the most dramatic tribal councils in Survivor history and Russell is demanding answers.  The self proclaimed King of Survivor is not happy with his Queen, Parvati, for keeping the idol hidden from him.  When Danielle reveals that she knew of the idols existence as well, Russell accuses the pair of lying to him by not telling him about the idol.  

Sensing a need for a backup plan, Russell tries to play on the Heroes vulnerability due to a lack of numbers by manipulating Candice.  He pulls the former Heroes member aside and tries to convince her that if she flips on her tribemates early, he’ll give her a shot at the final three and guarantees her position past Sandra.  Russell further solidifies his argument by correctly pointing out that the Villains will collapse eventually and if she’s on his side first, she’ll be in position to take advantage of the conflict.

The recently merged tribe heads to their first reward challenge: Survivor shuffleboard.  The castaways are randomly divided into three teams of three and each player has two pucks to throw.  The team with the closest puck wins.  Colby wins the challenge for his team on the last throw of the game and he, Amanda and Danielle are heading to a reward.

Colby, Amanda and Danielle are taken to the house and final resting spot of Treasure Island author Robert Louis Stevenson and treated to a screening of the movie “Treasure Island.”  While Colby innocently enjoys the tour and watches the movie, Danielle and Amanda are intent on finding a possible clue to a hidden immunity idol.  

Danielle discovers it first in the bowl of popcorn without being noticed, but Amanda suspects that her Villain enemy has discovered the clue.  Amanda sees where Danielle is hiding the clue and taken it from her, but Danielle protests and the two wrestle for control of the clue.  Amanda eventually relents to Danielle’s claim that she found it first after Colby agrees that it should be hers.

Back at camp, Russell is elated that Danielle found the clue and the two of them head out into the woods to find the idol.  While Danielle searches once side of the river where the clue is located, Russell finds it first and manages to conceal that he’s found the idol and then sneak the idol into his shorts pocket without Danielle noticing.

The individual immunity challenge is a race between the individual contestants to see who can build a tower of wooden pieces to a height of ten feet.  The challenge quickly becomes a two-horse race between Jerri and Russell who are way ahead of the other castaways.  Russell gets to the last stage of the tower build first, but runs out of wooden pieces and has to go get more.  The delay allows Jerri to catch up and pass Russell for the win.

After the immunity challenge the scrambling begins in earnest back at camp.  The Heroes are working on the assumption that Sandra is going to flip to their side and give them five votes to the Villains four.  However, Candice reports Sandra’s activity back to Russell who confronts the wayward Villain about flipping.  Sandra and Candice’s double crossing leads to a discussion between the two of who they are going to vote for: Amanda or Parvati.

At tribal council, Sandra makes it clear that she is on the outside of her tribe.  Russell becomes suspicious that a former Villain has flipped against him and decides to play his recently found hidden immunity idol.  However, Russell’s instincts are wrong as Sandra and Candice decided to vote with the Villains and eliminate Amanda.

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Survivor Season 20 Episode 11 Quotes

My very first immunity, ever!


I am the king of hidden immunity idols.